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CHT Analysis of Rotor-Stator System including Radiation
Increasingly “life-time prediction” is an important focus of the turbocharger development process. With this in mind, as a consequence of the high thermo-mechanical loads to which the turbocharger system is exposed, the turbine impeller is a critical component. Conjugate Heat Transfer (CHT) simulation is performed for a stationary, high-load operation point of a diesel engine. The CHT model includes both the flow through the turbine volute and the flow through the turbine impeller domain including the gap between backside of impeller and heat shield. Gas leakage is taken into account as it...
High-Lift Aerodynamics: STAR-CCM+ applied to AIAA HiLiftWS1
STAR-CCM+ continues to expand its presence in the aerospace industry due in no small part to excellent accuracy and robustness when applied to problems common to this field. This presentation shows recent aerodynamic benchmark validations performed using STAR-CCM+. Highlighted will be the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics High-Lift Prediction Workshop case. This case presents some particularly difficult modeling challenges, including complex geometry, turbulence, boundary layer transition, and separation (stall). Discussions will include problem setup techniques, results, and...