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本ワークショップは、STARCCM+の3DCADを利用したモデリングに興味をお持ちのエンジニアの方に最適です。機能紹介、デモ、ハンズオントレーニングから構成され、パラメトリックスタディ、不足CAD形状の作成、既存 CADの修正などを効率的におこなうための方法について触れます。
ハンズオントレーニングとレクチャーから構成され、PBMでのメッ シュパイプラインやメッシングパラメータといった基礎的な内容から、PBMのメリットやメッシュ演算など基礎から実際の使用方法までを実施いたします。
本ワークショップは、単相流の伝熱解析(熱伝導、共役熱伝達、輻射)に従事するエンジニアや研究者の方を対象として います。講義とハンズオントレーニングから構成され、伝導、対流、熱、太陽放射のモデリング理論と適用をご紹介します。
STAR-CCM + v10.02 새로운 기능 소개
STAR-CCM +의 최신 버전 v10.02의 새로운 기능을 소개합니다. 본 온라인 강의에서는 2015 년 2 월 25 일 전세계에 동시 출시된 STAR-CCM + v10.02의 새로운 기능을 중심으로 소개합니다. 버전10.02에서는 다중 물리기반 설계 탐색 (MDX; Multidisciplinary Design eXploration)을 강화하고 설계 의사 결정을 빠르게 하여, 엔지니어들이 전체적인 운용 상황을 시뮬레이션 할 수 있도록 도와드립니다. 추가된 주요 기능은 다음과 같습니다. ・결과 처리 속도 향상: GPU를 활용한 그래픽 처리 속도 향상 ・맵핑 속도 향상: 데이터 매핑 속도의 비약적 향상 ・Large Scale Interface (LSI) 모델 오일러 다상 모델에 Large Scale Interface (LSI) 모델이 추가 되어 자유 표면, 스프레이, 기포를 하나의 모델에서 작업할 수 있습니다. ・Adjoint Method를 통한 오차 평가 기능: 해석 모델에서 격자의 이산화 오류를 강조하기 위해 Adjoint Method를 사용한 오차 평가 기능을 추가 ・Multiphase 기능 향상: VOF, Fluid Film, 그리고...
Accelerating Electronics Cooling Simulations with Automation
No CFD simulation is ever fast enough - anyone who has used CFD likely will agree with that. Most of the time the computing speed comes to mind when you state this, but the overall CAD-to-results time is actually a better measure. This webcast explores the use of automation tools to accelerate user interactive tasks when running electronics cooling simulations. Various methods of automating portions or all of your simulations are discussed, including templates and macros. Several examples to aid problem setup and results viewing is shown and advanced uses of these tools is introduced. The CAD...
This online event will illustrate the effectiveness of analysis-led design methods in the up-front engineering phase. Presenters will discuss the use of sophisticated modeling and simulation techniques for the verification of design concepts. These methods have become essential as production operators and service providers operate and design subsea equipment for High Pressure/High Temperature (HP/HT) wells, and for field equipment that may reach seawater depths approaching 10,000 feet. In addition, presenters will discuss incorporating the use of modeling and simulation software to ensure...
Best Practices for Aerospace Aerodynamics
Engineering simulation impacts a wide range of external aerodynamic applications such as fuel economy, maneuverability and noise. With demanding schedules, shrinking resources and a competitive market, engineers need to obtain accurate results as quickly and efficiently as possible. This recorded webcast presents best-practice techniques to model a range of aerodynamic conditions for aerospace applications. Viewers learn which physics models, numerical schemes, turbulence models, meshing strategies, and optimization techniques are best-suited for this class of simulation problem. With this...