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Simulating Systems - FPSO vessel  in rough waves
The driving force behind DFBI simulations in STAR-CCM+® is the coupled 6-Degrees of Freedom (6-DOF) solver that computes the fluid forces and moments and gravitational forces on a body experiencing fluid-induced motion.Shown here is a simulation of FPSO vessel in rough waves.
CD-adapco™ today announced the opening of a third Indian office location in Chennai. CD-adapco already has well-established offices in Bangalore and Pune, this new office reinforces CD-adapco's commitment to the region.
Animation of a Large Cargo Ship
Dynamic Fluid-Body Interaction (DBFI) refers to the interaction between a body and the fluid flow surrounding it and the resulting body motion due to external and flow-induced forces.The ability to simulate DFBI is a key capability that has benefits in a wide variety of applications in Marine Industry. Shown here is a DFBI simulation of a large cargo ship.
Tank Sloshing
CD-adpaco’s solutions for sloshing applications include Volume of Fluid (VOF), Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) and Dynamic Fluid-Body Interaction (DFBI). Shown here is a sloshing simulation in a simplified tank.
Ships are being designed with increasingly larger insulated holding tanks to allow for a growing capacity in the marine industry and now more than ever, sloshing and structural integrity of these bigger tanks pose a significant technical challenge to the Marine Industry. Shown here is a sloshing simulation of an LNG tanker.
In diesem Seminar werden die allerneuesten Methoden bezüglich der effizienten Berechnung von Wärmeübertragung beim Design von mechanischen und elektronischen Systemen, einschließlich Komponenten und Baugruppen, vorgestellt. Während der Veranstaltung werden Simulationsspezialisten die Teilnehmer durch ein geometrisches Modell zu den Ergebnissen führen.
Simulation of a free falling lifeboat slamming into the sea using Overset Mesh/DFBI
Simulation of a free falling lifeboat slamming into the sea using Overset Mesh/DFBI
FPSO and a Tanker in waves with overlapping overset mesh
FPSO and a Tanker in waves with overlapping overset mesh
When my son graduated from University a few years ago with his shiny new degree in Accounting, he was eager to land his first “real job.” One that didn’t involve wearing a paper hat or asking if you’d like fries with that. After a several interviews it became clear that he was lacking a key skill that most hiring managers were looking for: exposure and/or experience with the commercial software the company was using for their accounting process. It was shocking to learn that he had never been exposed to any of the commercial tools that are heavily used in the industry for which he was preparing to enter. Although he graduated with a strong understanding of accounting principles, future employers expected that knowledge to be coupled with hands-on experience with their standard tools.
Safety Studies for a Fixed Offshore Structure - Image courtesy of Atkins Ltd., UK