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DFBI analysis of an Americas Cup yacht courtesy of BMW Oracle.
Vibration analysis of a super yacht courtesy of Germanishcer Lloyd.
Hydrodynamic analysis of container a container ship.
Sloshing simulation of an LNG tank courtesy of Lloyd's Register
Hydrodynamic analysis of an olympic rowing boat courtesy of Filippi boats
The 6-DOF solver can be used in conjunction with moving or overset mesh. It allows the computational domain to move in any of the six possible translational or rotational degrees of freedom, allowing the numerical simulation of rigid body motion in a fully-coupled manner with the flow solver.Shown is a lifeboat launching under storm conditions.
Unlike traditional simulations where the body is given a prescribed motion, the DFBI model enables engineers to easily simulate the fluid induced movement of a body, for everything from life boat launch to a tanker listing under heavy seas. Shown here are ther results of a DFBI analysis at Voith Turbo Marine.
Wave height contours around a racing yacht courtesy HSVA
STAR-CCM+ aerodynamic analysis of a luxury yacht courtesy of Azimut Benetti
Flow around a tanker hull with propeller rotating at the stern (courtesy of Boris Bucan at Brodarski Institut)