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CD-adapco recently hosted an engineering simulation conference for the Oil and Gas and Chemical industries in Houston, TX. New York and London. December 5, 2013 CD-adapco, the largest privately held CFD-focused provider of Computer Aided Engineering software, recently held a conference focused on the application of Computational fluid dynamics for the Chemical Processing and Oil and Gas industries featuring presentations from The Dow Chemical Company, Shell, Norton Straw, Eastman Chemical, MSI Kenny, University of Houston, PNNL, and ExxonMobil. The keynote address at this Houston-based...
External air cooling of an induction machine: The machine interior is totally sealed to prevent dust from entering through very fine air gaps. The external fan is rotating, blowing air outside the machine.
Temperature distribution analysis of an ASCS battery module of 84 cells: 42 cells are connected in series, and each row is connected in parallel. The liquid-cooled plates are lateraly postionned on each side of those rows (Model courtesy of ASCS, Stuttgart and Behr).
Meeting Future Emission Standards with Advanced Engine Simulation
The need for reductions on emissions has never been greater; it is an essential priority to decrease rising air pollution. In addition to emission reduction, legislation is placing the emphasis on engine manufacturers to reduce fuel consumption. Reducing emissions and fuel consumption are often conflicting requirements, so engineers need to work at finding an optimal design. This webcast provides clear and comprehensive strategies for using simulation, improving engine design and therefore lowering overall emissions and fuel consumption. Presenters demonstrate setting up complete processes...
Simulating Systems This edition of Dynamics illustrates how numerical simulation combined with process automation allows engineers to explore the design of entire systems. More than ever, the success stories featured in this edition demonstrate how STAR-CCM+’s extending capabilities are being applied to an ever wider range of applications, including Aerospace, Ground Transportation, Marine, Oil & Gas, Energy, Building Services, Turbomachinery, Chemical Processing and Life Sciences.
Simulation Workflow Capabilities, One-Step Closer to the Virtual Clinical Trial Environment
Join us for a complimentary webcast that addresses the benefits of engineering simulation for medical devices. Biomedical device design is facing increasing product complexity, while prototype building and testing can take months, especially when clinical trials are concerned. The inherent risk in new medical product development can be mitigated through a deeper understanding of the design properties and functions achieved through modeling and simulation. Modeling and simulation using patient specific data from MRI or CT scans is the first step towards moving clinical trials into the virtual...
November issue of our Academic Newsletter.
CD-adapco, the largest privately held CFD-focused provider of Computer Aided Engineering software, is pleased to announce Pieterjan Platteeuw of CNH Belgium N.V. as the winner of the 2014 CAE Post-Processing Contest for his image of a New Holland combine harvester. The image illustrates the residue flow through the chopping and spreading mechanism of the combine, and was obtained as the result of a transient DEM (discrete element method) simulation in STAR-CCM+.
Resolved Packed Bed Reactors: DEM Backed CFD Simulation
The design of packed bed reactors is often challenging, requiring much experimental trial and error to investigate kinetics, heat transfer and fluid flow in order to come up with a final reliable design. Until recently, resolving particle scale geometries has prevented CFD from assuming some of this experimental workload. This webcast highlights a fully automated process for modeling, meshing and simulating packed beds of arbitrary complexity using DEM ( Discrete Element Modeling ) to fully resolve the geometry of the packed beds. Participants see how this new approach acts as a perfect...
A Brochure advertizing Open Road, an Addon powered by STAR-CCM+ for the simulation, analysis, and optimization of Ground Vehicles.