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Aeroacoustics: Computational Aeroacoustics for Aerospace
Expanding airports, sprawling cities and increased air traffic have resulted in aircraft noise becoming one of the biggest issues facing the aerospace industry today. Due to improving algorithms and increased computational capabilities, simulation is now widely applied in aeroacoustics to better understand noise source mechanisms and sound propagation. The goal of these simulations is to understand how to reduce noise. In this webcast, the value of advanced simulation technology is demonstrated for applications including environmental control systems (ECS), avionics cooling, propulsion...
From Reservoir to Refinery: The Value of CFD Simulation in Oil & Gas
If you have challenges related to fluid flow, heat & mass transfer and want to know if CFD can help. Or if you already have a CFD solution and are curious about the latest technology developments, then this educational webcast is for you. Whether it’s erosion, flow induced vibration and fatigue life, insulation design, safety studies, well containment, separation, Vortex Induced Motion (VIM), air gap and green water, valve slamming or understanding proppant behavior, CFD is providing valuable insight to engineers throughout the Oil & Gas industry. Through a series of case studies, the...
The TEI University of Thessaly, Greece created this poster for presenting their study results on the Approximate Pressure Drop and Filtration Efficiency Expressions for Semi-Open Wall-Flow Channels.
The other day, Dr. Design came to me with a new project: “ We must find the drag coefficient of a futuristic vehicle concept !!” As usual the deadline was yesterday. With the CAD in hand, I started to set up my simulation. I had to say, the meshing part was easy. I arrived rapidly to the point of setting up my boundary conditions, but here's where I ran into some doubt. How should I model the rotating tires?? Yes, the vehicle is futuristic, but not electromagnetic yet. I could see a few methods… Which one should I choose? It was way past the working hours so unfortunately, I couldn’t call...
Offshore GBS Ringing Simulation
A short animation of a Gravity Base Structure ringing simulation.
Offshore Semisubmersible Motion
A short animation of the motion of an offshore Semisubmersible in waves.
Offshore Spar Motion to Wave
A short animation showing the motion of an offshore Spar motion to impacting wave.
Shock Absorber Damping Unit
A short animation showing the coupled flow and leaf displacement occuring within a shock absorber damping unit.
Shock Absorber Piston Oil Flow
A short animation of oil flow through a shock absorber responding to piston motion.
Shock Absorber Piston Displacement
An animation showing the mesh morphing as the shock absorber piston is displaced.