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Ball Valve with Overset Gap handling
Ball Valve with Overset Gap handling
Ball Valve with Overset Gap handling
Ball Valve with Overset Gap handling
Heart Valve Simulation
Simulation of heart valve using overset with zero gap interface.
Full Vehicle Thermal Management at Mercedes-Benz: An Example of Simulating Systems
Daimler and CD-adapco™ have been working at achieving full integration of a simulation management system into a PLM environment that eases the challenge for CAE experts to run simulations. By designing the digital prototype, this allows engineers to simulate the vehicle in real world test conditions. The model is used to predict thermal temperature of components and cabin comfort during drive cycles via Virtual Vehicle Testing. This webcast provides an introduction to simulating systems and related methods. Attendees learn the immense benefits that can be achieved through simulating the whole...
Partial Wrapping
When a surface has been declared clean for partial wrapping STAR-CCM+ will then wrap the geometry as normal. Once a clean, closed surface is obtained the flagged surface(s) is then removed from the wrap and the original is stitched in its place.
So, show of hands, who has wrapped a surface and asked: "This surface is clean, why do I have to wrap it?". The good news is that a new method introduced in STAR-CCM+ v9.06 will allow you to selectively wrap dirty surfaces, while preserving those that are clean.
Simulating Motion with Ease Using Overset Mesh
Many real engineering applications which have not traditionally benefited from simulation in the past involve complex relative, interlocking motions that cannot be modeled by the simple rotational or translational models that are common in simulation software. This presents a headache to remeshing and morphing techniques. Overset mesh represents a paradigm shift in motion modeling that allows motion, however complex, to be easily simulated, be that a full production line, the motion of the arm of an excavator removing rock and soil, the spray painting of a car, or a lifeboat launch together...
Somewhere in Hawaii, the world's largest solar telescope is being built and computational fluid dynamics is playing an integral part. You see, unlike "normal" space telescopes used to view stars and planets at night, the Advanced Technology Solar Telescope (more recently dubbed The Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope or DKIST) will spend it's life staring directly at the sun. Can you say heat transfer issues! Even the ground around the telescope can be a problem as it heats up, causing turbulence which in turn degrades resolution. To combat the intense rays of the sun, a device aptly named a "...
CD-adapco Japan office launched " Dynamics Japan Edition". The feature is the interview with Motor Sports Unit Development Division, Toyota Motor Corporation, which is titled "RACE CAR DEVELOPMENT WORK, WHICH CAN LEAD STRAIGHT TO THE WINNER’S PODIUM AT LE MANS, IS A BATTLE AGAINST TIME: CFD HELPS SHORTEN TURNAROUND TIMES " .