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Offshore Semisubmersible Motion
A short animation of the motion of an offshore Semisubmersible in waves.Image courtesy of Technip S.A.
Offshore Spar Motion to Wave
A short animation showing the motion of an offshore Spar motion to impacting wave.
Shock Absorber Damping Unit
A short animation showing the coupled flow and leaf displacement occuring within a shock absorber damping unit.
Shock Absorber Piston Oil Flow
A short animation of oil flow through a shock absorber responding to piston motion.
Shock Absorber Piston Displacement
An animation showing the mesh morphing as the shock absorber piston is displaced.
A short report with animations of results for the oil flow within a shock absorber.
STAR-CCM+ was utilized effectively to help design various configurations of Offshore Floaters.
Wind Turbine
An animation of a turbulent kinetic energy iso-surface trailing behind a functioning wind turbine.
Water Management on Jeep
An animation showing water management over a Jeep at speed.