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Key-Off Thermal Management, Underbody View
A short animation of Vehicle Thermal Management (VTM) results showing the heat transfer away from hot components into neighboring ones during a key-off event.
Fluid Atomization by Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability
An animation of the effects of a Kelvin-Helmholtz instability on atomization of a fluid.
Hull Stresses During Operation Using FSI
A short animation showing the capability of solving for operational stresses in a simple hull using FSI.
Effects of Flow on Two Baffles Using FSI
This short animation displays how FSI can be used to predict the complicated motion time-history associated with such a driven coupled system, two vertical baffles being displaced by a stiff wind, the interaction of the effects of their deformed shape and position properly captured. Parallels in Life Sciences, Power Generation and Oil and Gas are possible.
Deicing Using Fluid Film Modeling
A short animation showing the effects of gravity on the melted ice.
Air Conditioner Passage Flow
An animated elevation contour plot of a VOF fluid simulation to visualize the filling of Air Conditioner water passages.
Offshore Platform FSI Summary
A short video showing summary of FSI results for an impinging wave on an offshort platform structure which was presented at OMAE 2012.
OMAE 2012 -83472: Offshore Platform FSI Simulation