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Are the computers in the lab fully occupied? Are you off-campus and have an assignment or project due tomorrow? How about a last minute tweak to the competition vehicle? Wouldn't it be nice if you had your very own STAR-CCM+ license to ease the pain of these situations?
CD-adapco is committed to high standards of academic excellence and research innovation. In addition to cutting edge simulation tools, our Research Package provides flexibility on how and where you utilize your hardware resources. Unique license options allow STAR-CCM+ to be distributed across unlimited number of processors for a fixed cost.
The Global Academic Program provides FREE individual academic licenses directly to students for installation on their own personal laptop or home computer. These are full capability, no cell limit licenses - the very same as used by our commercial customers. All you need is an internet connection to access power with ease.
The Alumni Program provides new grads the opportunity enhance their resumes or Curriculum Vitaes to reflect STAR-CCM+ experience and/or training.
Academic Alumni can receive 250 Power-on-Demand hours to support STAR-CCM+ training or just to refresh their skills. This is an excellent example of how the CD-adapco Global Academic Program is committed to helping students achieve a smooth transition from academia and industry.
James Guitar - Michigan State University Dejan Matic & Lauren Wright, CD-adapco. Attracted by its versatility and accuracy, The Michigan State University (MSU) Formula SAE team is using STAR-CCM+ to design a 2009 Formula SAE race car. Dynamics 30 - Read more...
One of the best illustrations of "Simulating Systems" is this video from the STAR Global Conference 2013, in which Scott D. Reynolds of M/E Engineering explores the use of CFD for studying the impact of wind on the built environment. Asked to examine the influence of helicopter exhaust plumes on surrounding bulidings, M/E Engineering decided to simulate the whole system, including fully unsteady wind profiles (with gusts that vary in speed and direction), and the full complexity of the local urban landscape. Best of all, the simulation includes an actual moving helicopter that entrains gas...
CFD for the Chemical Process Industry: Multiphase Flows
Multiphase flows are everywhere in the chemical industry. Flows with two or more phases and concomitant interphase mass exchange and heat transfer are encountered in bubble columns, stirred tank reactors, fluidized bed reactors and many other processing equipment. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation of multiphase flows is a challenging task. This webcast will demonstrate the appropriate choice of models and correct definition of boundary conditions and solver parameters are critical in arriving at reliable solutions. Specialists reveal the various modeling approaches, available...