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Bill Clark Talks...About CD-adapco
Executive Vice President Bill Clark talks about where our contribution to simulation will be made in the future.
Alan Mueller Talks...Technology
Alan Mueller, Chief Technology Officer discusses simulation with a nod to the possible future of where advancement in simulation is destined.
Steve Hartridge & Robert Spotnitz Talk...Batteries
Steve Hartridge & Robert Spotnitz, experts from CD-adapco’s Battery Design Studio, talk about the application of BDS. They also explore the advance and application of the codes ability to provide robust solutions to industry.
Stephen McIlwain Talks...The Steve Customer Portal
The Director of Customer Support Americas, Stephen McIlwain talks about The Steve Portal and how it is helping customers with their everyday engineering problems. Part 1 of 2
Ruben Bons Talks...Electronics
In this video, Ruben Bons, Director of Electronics discusses the varied and numerous applications of STAR-CCM+ within the electronics industry.
Ravindra Aglave Talks...DEM
Ravindra Aglave, Director Chemical Process Industry talks about Discreet Element Modeling. He explores how STAR-CCM+ is the simulation tool of choice for the industry.
Phil Shorter Talks...Aeroacoustics
Phil Shorter summarises the role of CD-adapco at the forefront of aeroacoustic noise prediction.
Nick Appleyard Talks...Key Technologies
Nick Appleyard, VP Sales & Support Americas talks about key technologies applicable across aircraft and vehicle design.
Jean-Claude Ercolanelli Talks....STAR-CCM+ v8
In this video, Jean-Claude Ercolanelli, Senior VP Product Management provides us with a short summary of the new features and capabilities within STAR-CCM+ v8.
Chad Custer Talks...Turbomachinery
Turbomachinery specialist Chad Custer gives a short round up of the role that STAR-CCM+ plays in solving turbomachinery engineering problems.