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Spend time in the boardrooms or around the water coolers of Houston, and the subject will soon turn to the day’s oil price. Due to a combination of anemic global economic growth and, among other things, the supply side revolution of North American Shale, the oil price has plummeted by almost 30% in the past 3 months. As I write this blog WTI* is trading at a 5 year low, leaving the industry contemplating the considerable challenge of operating at $50 per barrel. While each company’s view on how to tackle this new paradigm will differ, for many it will be to continue the day job (deliver quality, innovative products and solutions), but at reduced time and cost, without compromising safety. It’s my belief that first principles approach, based engineering simulation tools such as those we (CD-adapco) deliver, will be a key enabler, as companies will increasingly rely on simulation based design exploration. The initial driver will be to reduce engineering cost and time, but they’ll also benefit from simulation as an innovation enabler.
Geometry Simplification in Electronics Thermal Simulations: How Much is Too Much?
Two aspects of electronics design present particular challenges for thermal simulations of electronics devices. First, the mechanical (including thermal) portion of the overall design cycle is typically quite short, even as short as a week or two, so simulation results are desired very quickly. Second, electronics assemblies often include many complex individual parts among the hundreds or thousands of total parts within the assembly. Not all the parts are thermally significant but complex parts such as a molded housing or detailed heat sinks are. The needed complexity of parts is...
Canal de Provas Virtual: Como CFD pode auxiliar o seu projeto a atender aos requisitos EEDI sem comprometer a velocidade de operação da embarcação
Em janeiro de 2013, a IMO ( International Maritime Organization ) apresentou o conceito do EEDI ( Energy Efficiency Design Index ) como uma forma de avaliar a eficiência energética de novas embarcações. O objetivo da regulamentação do EEDI é reduzir as emissões de CO 2 . Isso muitas vezes leva projetistas e engenheiros a reduzir o tamanho do motor e, consequentemente, as emissões. No entanto, pode também penalizar as velocidades de operação. Este Webinar irá apresentar como tecnologia de CFD ( Computational Fluid Dynamics ) está sendo utilizada para avaliar e melhorar os projetos de...
Canal de pruebas Virtual: Cómo el CFD puede auxiliar tu proyecto en cumplir con los requisitos del EEDI sin comprometer la velocidad de operación del buque
En Enero de 2013, la IMO ( International Maritime Organization ) presentó el concepto del EEDI ( Energy Efficiency Design Index ) como una forma de evaluar la eficiencia energética de los nuevos buques. El objetivo del reglamento EEDI es reducir las emisiones de CO 2 . Esto obligaría a diseñadores e ingenieros reducir el tamaño del motor (consecuentemente las emisiones) o las velocidades de operación de los buques. En este Webinar se mostrará el uso de la tecnología CFD ( Computational Fluid Dynamics ) para evaluar y mejorar el rendimiento propulsivo de las embarcaciones. Los objetivos son...
It is our pleasure to announce James Bertwistle as the winner of the 2015 CD-adapco Calendar Contest. This year again, contestants from all around the world submitted images of exceptional quality. James’s entry, which represents the Wind Effects around Tall London Buildings, scooped the first prize owing to its beautiful and accurate representation of the impact of CFD in the planning process of man-made structures.
As an engineering educator, do you wonder how to meet the needs of industry today while researching and developing technology for future generations? As a professional, do you stay awake at night wondering if tomorrow’s engineers will be prepared for engineering success on your real-world applications? Countries around the world are forecasting a shortage of engineers in the coming years and there is speculation today’s engineering graduates are lacking the necessary skills and abilities needed to be successful in current and future engineering environments. So, how do we address this...
STAR-CCM+ v9.06 新功能介绍
【会议信息】 ・ 主办:CD-adapco China ・ 费用:免费(需事先注册) ・ 注册方法:   希望参加本Webinar的客户,请从本页面下方的注册窗口进行注册。 ※从本页面注册后,数分钟后您的注册邮箱会收到自动发送的邮件回复,请注意查收。如果长时间没有收到邮件回复,请与我司联系。 ※注册时,请务必使用所在单位的邮箱进行注册;公共邮箱注册的情况,有可能会被拒绝,请了解。 【内容介绍】 STAR-CCM+ v9.06近期发布。这一版本使模拟现实到达了一个新的水平。通过在软件操作中控制对设计性能可能有较大影响的一些参数,使得用户更加接近于最终产品。另外,技术的改进使这一功能的精度更具真实性。 现在新版本可以从The Steve Portal上下载了。2014年发布的STAR-CCM+ v9 版本的主要目标在于增加模拟的真实感,改进工作流程,提高工作效率和改善计算精度。为了让您更加熟悉这些新功能,诚邀您参加我们的在线产品发布会。 本次发布会会重点介绍下面划线部分的新功能,但此版本的新功能并不止于此。 声波方程求解器 能准确地预测CFD求解出的近场产生的声波的传播。通过声学信号从流场中分离,它可以被捕捉的更加精准。 三阶对流格式 MUSCL 在类似于冲击波,尾流,涡流和声波传播分析应用中通过减少数值扩散得到一个更高精度结果。 局部包面可以使STAR-CCM+...
スパークプラグの仕様による着火性をエンジン条件や失火現象まで考慮して予測する筒内燃焼シミュレーション手法を開発した。本手法は、3Dスキャンによる エンジンモデルの作成、筒内流動モデルとPIVによる検証、火花移動モデル、ガソリン代替の詳細化学反応メカニズムで構成される。電極形状の異なるプラグ の着火性を評価したところ、実機試験と良い相関が得られた。また、筒内流動が着火性に大きく寄与する結果も得られた。
STAR-CCM+ v9.06 新機能紹介ウェビナー
本ウェビナーで は、2014年10月29日に世界同時リリースされたSTAR-CCM+ v9.06 の新機能情報をご紹介いたします。 【内容紹介】 ●解析結果のマッピングスピードとスケーラビリティの向上 複数コア使用時のマッピングプロセスにおいて、スピードとスケーラビリティが改善されました。 一例として、64コア使用時のマッピングにおいて、v9.04の約6倍のスピードアップが確認されました。 ●新機能:MUSCLスキーム 流れのソルバーとしてMUSCLスキーム(3次精度中心差分)が追加されました。 非圧縮性から圧縮性まで、安定した非定常の流れを計算できるロバストなスキームです。 ●その他新機能: PISO解法(標準k-ε、単相にのみ対応)やオーバーセットメッシュの壁面接触の考慮など、 各種新機能情報につきましてもご紹介致します。