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Arterio-Venous Fistulae (AVF) are the preferred method of vascular access for patients with end stage renal disease who need hemodialysis. In this study, simulations of blood flow and oxygen transport were undertaken in various idealized AVF configurations.
Multidisciplinary Design eXploration - SGC 2015 Video
Multidisciplinary Design eXploration in action: see how multidisciplinary teams of engineers can work together using HEEDS to simulate and explore real-world engineering problems.
STAR-CCM+ v10.02 新功能介绍
CD-adapco公司很高兴宣布,STAR-CCM+ v10.02版本于2月底发布,在该版本中包含了前后处理、物理模型、优化设计、与其他CAE工具的耦合方面的多项新功能。 本次研讨会,主要向中国客户介绍了 STAR-CCM+ v10.02 主要新功能及其应用范围等内容。
STAR-CCM+ v10.02 新機能紹介ウェビナー
本ウェビナーで は、2015年2月25日に世界同時リリース予定のSTAR-CCM+ v10.02 の新機能情報について、下記の機能を中心にご紹介いたします。本バージョンv10.02では、複合領域設計最適化(MDX; Multidisciplinary Design eXploration)を強化し、設計の決定プロセスのスピードアップを実現します。 ・結果処理表示速度の向上: グラフィック性能に関して、GPU使用の最適化によりパフォーマンスが30倍以上向上しました。 ・マッピング速度の向上: ボリュームマッピングの速度が最大120倍、高速化しました。 ・Large Scale Interface(LSI)モデルの追加: オイラー混相流モデルに大規模インターフェイス(LSI)モデルが追加され、自由表面、スプレー、気泡を一つのモデルで扱うことが可能になりました。 ・随伴法による誤差評価の機能追加: 解析モデルの適切なメッシュ解像度を得るために、随伴法を利用した誤差評価機能を追加しました。 ・VOFの強化: VOFと液膜の相互作用やVOFと輻射の相互作用を追加しました。 尚、STAR-CCM+ v10.02の詳細は、弊社 ブログ でもご紹介していますので併せてご覧ください。
CD-adapco™, the largest privately held CFD-focused provider of Computer Aided Engineering software, is celebrating its 35-year anniversary at the STAR Global Conference, which begins today in San Diego. As the largest independent developer of simulation tools for engineering and design, CD-adapco has grown from a three-person outfit that originated in an attic in 1980 into an international multi-faceted business conglomerate with 34 global offices and revenues approaching $200 million.
Getting the Most out of Your Mesh: Modern Meshing Methods and Core Capabilities
What do rockets have in common with heart pumps? For that matter, what does a water slide share with a nuclear reactor? When a company designs these products, simulation is the key to outpacing the competition. In order to have an accurate simulation, you first have to build the right mesh. Lying under every simulation is a mesh that forms the foundation of the model. Presenters use STAR-CCM+ ® to demonstrate how you can simulate a broad range of physical phenomena to answer the most difficult questions in engineering. This webcast focusses on advanced meshing technology and how you can get...
Soluções de perfuração e completação em CAE 3D para a indústria do pré-sal
As reservas petrolíferas descobertas na camada pré-sal, a 7 mil metros abaixo do nível do mar, poderão triplicar a produção nacional de Petróleo e Gás. No entanto, existem muitos desafios ainda a serem resolvidos e a restrição de tempo se eleva com a produção do campo de Libra planejada para iniciar em 2017. As condições encontradas para a exploração do petróleo na camada pré-sal apresentam situações como pressão da coluna d’água, acidez e baixas temperaturas, que podem danificar componentes e elevar a complexidade das operações e consequentemente o custo da extração. O uso de engenharia...