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CD-adapco, a global provider of multidisciplinary engineering simulation and design exploration software, today announced the release of STAR-CCM+® v11.02, its industry-leading engineering simulation solution. This release delivers new modeling capabilities and brings productivity and usability enhancements that forward the company’s mission to help customers discover better designs, faster.
Are there any jobs more challenging that being an engineer? I don’t think so. After all, who else is called to predict the future on a daily basis, and be held accountable for the result of those predictions? Engineering is a process of continual improvement. Engineers are required to improve products (and processes), step by step, by making incremental changes that are intended to make the product somehow “better.” Faster. Stronger. Lighter. More efcient. Less expensive. However, each potential improvement has the potential to make that product worse. Predicting which changes will improve a...
Predicting the Real-World Performance of Your Products with Multiphase Simulation
Applications involving multiphase flows are all around us. The simulation of these applications requires a broad range of Eulerian and Lagrangian multiphase modeling capabilities that can work together and ensure that the predicted behavior of your designs matches the real-world performance of your products. This event covers a wide variety of applications that can be solved with multiphase simulations delivered from a single integrated user interface. Examples include the build-up of ice on an aircraft wing, the demisting of a headlamp, the transport of rocks/aggregates, dropping a lifeboat...
Data Focus is a unique visualization technique to explore and interrogate results interactively. Data Focus provides a live and interactive link between quantitative numerical data in plots and qualitative visual data in scenes. This link between quantitative and qualitative analysis allows the user to easily and effectively gain insight into the key influences on product performance.
Local surface remeshing allows for remeshing only selected areas when changing mesh parameters or performing design changes, reducing surface mesh generation time up to an order of magnitude and a key enabler of efficient design space exploration.
Good (and bad) Vibrations: Designing for Flow Induced Vibration with Simulation
Flow Induced Vibration (FIV) is a design concern for piping networks, such as jumpers and manifolds. When the piping is deployed subsea, obtaining an accurate understanding of FIV is imperative, since failure and subsequent remediation is costly at best, and likely infeasible. Simple methods, such as the Energy Institute (EI) guidelines, are used to assess the likelihood of FIV. However, these are highly conservative, potentially leading to unnecessary additional costs. In recent years CFD tools have been used to predict the multiphase flow in the pipelines, forcing on the pipe, and the...
Chief Executive Officer for Land Rover BAR and former CEO of McLaren F1 to provide keynote to SGC16, over 100 presentations announced
The What, Why and How of Simulating Joule Heating
Any device that uses electrical power experiences energy loss to heat. A primary physical phenomena causing this is known as Joule (or ohmic or resistive) heating, and it can be either advantageous or detrimental for a given system. Some applications - such as fuses, floor heaters, heat lamps, and window defrosters - rely on Joule heating for their operation. In other applications - including bus bars and high-power printed circuit boards - Joule heating is an inevitable side effect that must be predicted and managed if the product is to perform reliably. This webcast explores the physical...
Cylindrical DEM Particles in an Auger
Cylindrical DEM Particles in an Auger