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Simulation of locomotive exhaust removal systems as trains wait at the station
This exclusive two day event, held in Singapore on November 5 and 6, 2012 will bring together engineers from around the world to explore the latest developments in engineering simulation technology and to discuss the ways in which it can be deployed to solve industrial problems, reducing costs and empowering innovation
STAR-CCM+ quickly and efficiently generates meshes on the most complex geometries. Shown here is the trimmed cell mesh on the geometry of an Escorts agricultural tractor with streamlines coming from the under hood of the vehicle.
The velocity streamlines on a cross-section plane are showing the complex aerodynamics in the wake of the cab of a commercial truck.
Aerodynamic analysis of a motorcycle : velocity streamlines on a cross-sectional plane showing the complex aerodynamics around a motor cycle and rider.
Innovazione used STAR-CCM+ to perform an aerodynamic analysis of a sport touring motorcycle. Image courtesy of Roberto Di Francesco, Innovazione.
Cardiovascular simulation with STAR-CCM+ showing streamlines and velocity through a stent.
Simulation of drug particle inhalation May 2007 calendar competition Francoise Dufour ARUP
Spray gun analysis for tablet coating showing complex phenomena including droplet break-up and coalescence. The multiphase simulation was performed by Manesty.
Spray analysis for Manesty