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Presented at the STAR European Conference 2010
Presented at the STAR European Conference 2010
Presented at the STAR European Conference 2010
Screen shot of Le Mans car geometry inside STAR-CCM+ : r egardless of the complexity of assemblies, when geometries are read into STAR-CCM+, the full assembly structure along with body and surface naming conventions are preserved without the need for time consuming re-organization.
Dynamic Fluid Body Interaction (DBFI) simulation of a large cargo ship : modeling the motion of a body resulting from the forces and moments on it can be carried out seamlessly within the single integrated environment of STAR-CCM+.
DARS Complex Chemistry Modeling
SPEED Software Acquisition Q&A Webcast
This webcast will familiarize SPEED Software Consortium Members and Customers with the recent acquisition made by CD-adapco of SPEED Software. Information webcast covering: SPEED Ground Transportation Electric Machines Battery Design
3D-CAD modeler in STAR-CCM+ has the ability to expose geometric parameters to effortlessly perform design optimization based on engineering results. Design exploration and optimization shown are performed with Optimate (using affordable HPC licensing).
Computational Flow Assurance in the Oil & Gas Industry
To gain greater productivity and efficiency Oil & Gas companies are looking for ways to improve everything from the extraction, processing and delivery of hydrocarbons; to improving offshore platform designs; to addressing the challenges of producing in harsher climates and greater offshore depths. To take on these issues engineers are increasingly relying on simulation, to gain deeper insight on how fluid dynamics and thermal behavior can impact exploration, production and processing. This complimentary webcast highlights examples of powerful multiphase flow/thermal simulation across a...