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This exploded view of an electric motor shows the surface temperature distribution and polyhedral mesh generated with STAR-CCM+ for a forced air cooling simulation.
Marketing images from a motor for SPEED marketing collateral
The surface temperature and velocity vectors on an electric motor were obtained using the class-leading simulation tool STAR-CCM+ in conjuction with SPEED.
Animated Streamlines over a Performance Vehicle
Sunroof vortices
Aeroacoustic analysis of a sunroof
Sunroof vortices
Aeroacoustic analysis of a sunroof
Inlet manifold droplets
Inlet manifold analysis with droplets
Wind tunnel aerodynamics
Automotive external aerodynamics in a wind tunnel courtesy of Daimler AG
De-icing/De-fogging on a car windshield
Animation showing de-icing/de-fogging on a car windshield