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CD-adapco appointed to Industrial Advisory Board of the Center for Structured Organic Particulate Systems (C-SOPS), the world’s largest academically-based research organization dedicated to modernizing pharmaceutical manufacturing and dosage forms.
Electronics Best Practices Session 2: Natural Convection Analyses - Thin Air Gaps
While many electronic devices have power densities that require forced air flow, a significant number of systems can still utilize solely natural (passive) convective cooling. The reliability and quietness of passively cooled systems is especially attractive for consumer devices, so investigating these cooling options is a valuable portion of the design process. Effective investigation of natural convection cooling requires efficient simulation. Simulation experts demonstrate how the physical characteristics of Rayleigh-Benard convection cells will be leveraged to maximize the speed of...
Online Technical Briefing: Custom Apps to Increase your Simulation Throughput by 10x
Experience has shown that engineering organizations capturing best practices in an automated process have significantly reduced errors, eliminated analyst-to-analyst variation, and established consistency for optimization and other design studies. In addition, significant reduction in turnaround time has been realized, as much as 4 to 10x. This webcast demonstrates how custom apps can be set up into a fully automated platform. Once established, processes can be globally deployed across distributed work groups. During the demonstration simulation experts will show a successful custom...
Real World Solids Modeling with Combined CFD and Discrete Element Modeling
This online webcast explores the benefits of a combined CFD/DEM approach and how engineers can expand its application so it is fully coupled with numerical flow simulation in a single environment. Engineers across a broad spectrum of industries increasingly use DEM simulation tools to analyze the granular motion and interaction of solid particles such as aggregates, sand, rocks, food particles, metal fragments, tablets, capsules and Slurries. DEM allows the tracking and interaction between every particle in a numerically efficient manner, the modelling of contact forces and energy transfer...
Get the most from CFD Simulation
This online technical briefing demonstrates the power of simulation in the engineering process along with areas where automation can improve workflow efficiency. By increasing productivity during rapid design and analysis, the historical lag in prototyping/testing can be minimized. Companies in every industry have benefited from simulation – both by limiting costly prototypes/tests while increasing the ability to innovate. During the presentation, engineers take attendees through the complete process, from importing geometry and setting up the simulation model to post processing. Using STAR-...
Legendary NASA Flight Control Director is the Keynote Speeaker for STAR Global Conference.
STAR-CCM+ v8 release specifically aimed at increasing engineering productivity, making the software even easier to use and interact with, and significantly reducing the time required to get a high-quality solution
Geometry: It's Just Not a Square Box Anymore
Do you spend hours or days preparing large and complex 3D CAD models for FEA/CFD/CAE simulation? Do you have problems with double or intersecting surfaces, closing holes, defeaturing or obtaining the surface? This webcast highlights the benefits of using a 3D CAD modeler and how applications of this nature are bridging the gap between CAD and CAE. In addition, viewers learn how the full scriptability of the 3D CAD tool can be used to automatically perform a full design study. Live demonstrations use STAR CCM+ 3D CAD modeler to first highlight how to construct the geometry for effective...
Presented at the STAR European Conference 2010
Presented at the STAR European Conference 2010