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Multi-cylinder analysis
Multi-cylinder analysis using es-ice
Spray valve impingment
Fuel spray impingement on the back of a valve
Tyre aquaplaning
Aquaplaning of a tyre using STAR-ABAQUS coupling
Engine coolant flow
Coolant flow in a four cylinder engine water jacket
Crank case simulation
Simulation of an IC engine crank case with lagrangian spray
These are exciting times to be an engineer. As our governments face the daunting dual challenge of maintaining access to secure and affordable energy supplies while mitigating the effects of climate change, they will increasingly rely on highquality engineering, and particularly Computer Aided Engineering, to solve the difficult technological problems at the heart of the sustainability issue. This magazine contains a small selection of the energy related projects that CD-adapco have been involved with over the last few years. There are many others, but we have tried to concentrate on...
Computational methods have been used in marine engineering for a long time to design and optimize marine vessels, from yachts to offshore platforms. It is just that those traditional computational methods are often not considered as “proper” CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) - because they are based on potential flow theory and empirical correlations. While simpler methods may be suitable to optimize a single component on its own, the strength of CFD lies in its ability to account for interactions between all components of a system (e.g. hull, propulsion and steering system, and other...
Companies that use STAR-CCM+ do so because they need the nocompromise approach to develop their products for their competitive marketplace. Thank you for spending some of your valuable time reading this special report on STAR-CCM+ in electronics thermal management. It is our hope that you find value both in hearing how some other leading companies are leveraging simulation and in learning a few insights into more efficiently simulating some common situations in electronics thermal management.