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STAR-CCM+ includes a human thermo-physiological model called Thermal Comfort Model (TCM) that accounts for thermal inertia, blood circulation, heat exchange,vapor exchange and body temperatures.
Surface to surface radiation simulation : STAR-CCM+ is an efficient and accurate tool to help identify problems and focus on thermal solutions including adressing conduction, radiation, convection and CHT
Car Power train, with Surface 2 Surface Radiation
Pressure distribution on airplane wing and body. (FSI)
Flexible wing : Use of high fidelity computational aeroelasticity is critical to tomorrow's design challenges, driving innovation and resulting in engineering success. STAR-CCM+, with a direct link to Abaqus FEA for co-simulation, seamlessly integrates computational aeroelasticity into the design process.
When handling complex structures, STAR-CCM+'s surface wrapping capability enables the user to automatically, and quickly, create a solution domain for the flow around the imported solid body. Here, the surface wrapper was applied to an intricate oil rig geometry.
Polyhedral mesh for pill coating application using STAR-CCM+
Tablet Mixing and Coating
DEM simulation showing residence time
Pill Coating Simulation
Pill coating DEM model for evaluation of residence time and coating thickness of particles.