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Software Automated Shell
Software Automated Shell Video - Automated shell generation for a turbo-charger wheel using the ASG tool
Sofrware Prediction of misrun formation via STAR-Cast
(Left) Temperature evolution on the metal surface during mold filling of a turbine blade featuring an extremely thin trailing edge. (Right) Flow velocity on the metal surface during mold filling for the same blade geometry.
TABLE of CONTENTS Introduction - Simulating Systems - by David Vaughn CD-adapco News: STAR-CCM+ v8 High Performance Computing Steve Multi-year Agreement with AREVA Calendar Competition Result AEROSPACE Sikorsky Hub Drag Prediction Computational Aeroelasticity SPORT Tour De France MOTORSPORT The Hole Gang Race Across Australia Race Across Australia BUILDING SERVICES Clearing the Air about Building Service MANUFACTURING Tetra Pak GROUND TRANSPORTATION Hyundai Underhood Simulation Chevy Malibu
Residual plot for monitoring the convergence of the solution
Temperature distribution on a pressure vessel
Flame propagation which later results in autoignition (knock) ahead of the flame in the unburned gas
Transition from plasma to initial flame kernel development
Coupled 1D-3D solution using STAR-CD and GT-Power Courtesy of FEV
Comparison of Mean and RMS turbulence profiles in a motored model engine indicating improved predictions using the LES model in STAR-CD compared to RANS Courtesy of Prof Dan Haworth, Penn State University