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State-of-the-art underhood thermal management computations using STAR-CCM+ for verification of thermal reliability of the vehicle.
STAR-CCM+, along with STAR-CD, offers a streamlined process with flexibility, accuracy, quick turnaround time and closer integration of analysis of powertrain-related applications
Underhood thermal management involves accurate prediction of front end cooling and component temperatures in the vehicle
Automation of Complex Processes using CFD Simulation
Simulation experts will demonstrate how automation enables engineers to devote less time to preparing the models and more time to analyzing the data from the design. Participants learn how easy it is to carry out complex physical simulations with a few mouse clicks! Examples highlight automation of complex processes using JAVA scripting with integration to Microsoft office. Additionally, examples show automatic cleaning of geometry, volume mesh generation and selection of the different physical models. The webcast benefits those who are already familiar with the thermal simulation and fluid...
Motorcylce and rider aerodynamics simulation with STAR-CCM+ : streamlines and surface pressures showing the aerodynamic penalty from having the rider exposed to the airflow.