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STAR-CCM+ offers a range of state-of-the-art technologies for volume mesh generation including the pioneering polyhedral mesh type as shown here on a cargo aircraft. Polyhedral meshes are fast to converge, easy to generate and more efficient than tetrahedral meshes.
An external aerodynamics analysis was performed on an Airbus A380 model. Shown here are the pressure variations on the structure and streamlines from the nose wheel and the wings leading edges.
STAR-CCM+ offers a comprehensive set of reacting flow models to properly simulate combustion in an efficient manner with detailed models for gas-phase, surface and particle chemistry. Depicted here are streamlines through a combustion chamber.
In this simulation of an F18 flying at high angle of attack, the flow around the plane is visualized with streamlines, the pressure is represented over the plane using a grayscale colormap, and the wingtip vortices are shown using an iso-surface of Q Criterion.
Conjugate Heat Transfer (CHT) refers to the simultaneous heat transfer in both a solid and a fluid where the conduction in the solid material and the convection in the fluid are analyzed simultaneously . Shown is the flow thermal stress analysis of the NASA C3X turbine blade
Simulation of a NASA C3X turbine blade with transition.
Turbulence intensity on a trap wing
Surface wrapping applied to SCUD missile
Surface wrapping applied to SCUD missile
Surface wrapping applied to tail of SCUD missile