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This image shows the tangential velocity fields and surface pressures from aerodynamic interactive coupling effects between unmanned aerial vehicles flying in close proximity to each other.
Simulation of a Novel UAV
STAR-CCM+ offers a range of state-of-the-art technologies for volume mesh generation including the pioneering polyhedral mesh type as shown here on a Bell 407 helicopter. Polyhedral meshes are fast to converge, easy to generate and more efficient than tetrahedral meshes.
Hypersonic Re-Entry of Spacecraft showing Bow Shock1
Analysis of a wing leading edge and anti-icing protection : in-flight icing, caused by accretion of super cooled liquid water droplets, can lead to a drastic change in aircraft performance and numerical simulation of icing behavior is critical to ensure flight performance of aircraft over varying icing conditions and flow conditions.
Icing simulation showing Liquid Water Content (LWC) around a Boeing 737 nacelle.
The Lagrangian Multiphase model is intended for systems that consist mainly of a single continuous phase carrying a relatively small volume of discrete particles, droplets, or bubbles. It is suited where the interaction of the discrete phase with physical boundaries is important. Shown here is the volume fraction of medium sized droplets on a learjet.
Polyhedral Mesh of a Bell 407 Helicopter
Simulation of Bell 407 Helicopter
Polyhedral surface mesh on anit-ship harpoon missile with surface pressures, streamlines and velocity vectors showing the complicated flow around the wings and the tail fins.