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Simulation of Bell 407 Helicopter
Polyhedral surface mesh on anit-ship harpoon missile with surface pressures, streamlines and velocity vectors showing the complicated flow around the wings and the tail fins.
Pressure and streamlines of a Harpoon missile launch
Hypersonic separation of a launch vehicle.
Streamlines on a Harpoon missile : Overset (Chimera) meshing allows bodies to move freely throughout the computational domain without being artificially constrained by the mesh because separate overlapping meshes are used, a background mesh, and a body fitted mesh around the geometry of interest.
A wide range of flow regimes can be simulated using STAR-CCM+, including inviscid, laminar, turbulent (RANS, LES, DES), transition modeling. incompressible through to hypersonic. Visualized here are the Mach contours on a Scud missile.
Streamlines on a trap wing : simulations were computed using the steady state, coupled flow solver with implicit integration and second order discretization and using the SST (Menter) k-ω turbulence model. This work was done as part of a drag prediction workshop.
Streamlines on a trap wing.
Temperature distribution on a gas turbine blade.