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Thermal analysis and management
Thermal analysis and management
STAR-CCM+ Prediction of Mean Streamwise Velocity Component from Landing Gear
STAR-CCM+ Prediction of Mean Z-wise Vorticity from Landing Gear
Transient aeroacoustics simulation on landing gear.
Analysis of fan blades of propulsive wing UAV.
Overset mesh simulation on a missile : with no need to worry about interconnecting meshes or cell distortion, the overset mesh capability in STAR-CCM+ (fully compatible with the full range of unstructured meshing options in STAR-CCM+) brings genuine moving object simulation within the grasp of all engineers.
Streamlines from a MQ-1 Predator
Surface pressures and visualization of strong bow shock around the NASA X34 traveling at hypersonic speed during re-entry at the end of the mission. Image courtesy of TLG Aerospace.