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The velocity streamlines on a cross-section plane are showing the complex aerodynamics in the wake of the cab of a commercial truck.
Aerodynamic analysis of a motorcycle : velocity streamlines on a cross-sectional plane showing the complex aerodynamics around a motor cycle and rider.
Innovazione used STAR-CCM+ to perform an aerodynamic analysis of a sport touring motorcycle. Image courtesy of Roberto Di Francesco, Innovazione.
Cardiovascular simulation with STAR-CCM+ showing streamlines and velocity through a stent.
Simulation of drug particle inhalation May 2007 calendar competition Francoise Dufour ARUP
Spray gun analysis for tablet coating showing complex phenomena including droplet break-up and coalescence. The multiphase simulation was performed by Manesty.
Spray analysis for Manesty
STAR-CCM+ closes the gap between meaningful results and engineering design by automating your work-flow in a unique single integrated environment. Shown here is a CFD analysis with STAR-CCM+ on a medical ventilator
Spray analysis for Manesty
Analysis of a medical ventilator