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Residual plot for monitoring the convergence of the solution
Temperature distribution on a pressure vessel
Flame propagation which later results in autoignition (knock) ahead of the flame in the unburned gas
Transition from plasma to initial flame kernel development
Coupled 1D-3D solution using STAR-CD and GT-Power Courtesy of FEV
Comparison of Mean and RMS turbulence profiles in a motored model engine indicating improved predictions using the LES model in STAR-CD compared to RANS Courtesy of Prof Dan Haworth, Penn State University
Combustion using the ECFM-LES combustion model Courtesy of Prof Fontanesi, University of Modena
Initial spark and flame kernel development using the AKTIM model
Schematic of 2-component evaporation and mixing. Components may result from evaporation of a mixed fuel, e.g. E10, B20 or introduced as 2 separate fuels. Chemistry mechanism of the combined multicomponent mixture accounts for full composition spectrum.
Fuel modeling process coupling DARS to STAR-CD combustion models