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Summary of STAR-CD and es-ice capabilities : to keep pace with developments in engine technology, CD-adapco is continuously developing the software to add new capabilities and functionality
Simulation of Pouring
Simulation of Pouring
Simulation of Centrifugal Casting via STAR-Cast
(Left) Simulation model for centrifugal casting of a cluster of 8 turbocharger wheels, including the ceramic shell mold. The melt crucible rotates with the mold. (Right) Temperature-coupled mold-filling simulation based on an accelerated rotation.
Simulation of High Pressure Die Casting
(Left) Coupled mold filling and solidification simulation for HPDC relies on STAR-Cast’s multiphase approach and a moving mesh technology for the plunger movement in the filling chamber. (Right) Mold filling conditions are well-defined by the shot curve as part of the input parameter set.