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The cost of energy has always motivated the development of electric machine design, but today the twin monsters of unbridled consumer demand and scarcity of required materials makes it ever more important to optimize designs with better analytical tools. Now CD-adapco meets the world of Electric Machines with the combination of two highly-accomplished and market-leading codes: the electric/electromagnetic design tool SPEED and the flow/thermal CFD focused CAE tool, STAR-CCM+.
Your success depends on your ability to solve difficult engineering problems in a timely manner. Our Engineering Services team are dedicated to providing impartial analysis, simulation advice and immediate solutions to your engineering problems. Using Technology Transfer, and by deploying Custom Tools, our aim is not only to provide one-off solutions, but to equip you with the tools you require to expand your simulation capabilities.
STAR-CCM+ interface showing a trim volume mesh of a Hum-vee : STAR-CCM+ employs a pipeline methodology to ensure that the path from initial geometry to mesh can be easily and robustly automated. This meshing process may be carried out interactively or in batch.
External Aerodynamics of a Hum-vee
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Analysis of a Mixer
Analysis of a Mixer
STAR-CCM+ has well-validated technologies to study real world applications such as pollution dispersal at a factory. This can be accomplished through both steady state and unsteady simulations.
STAR-CCM+ is widely used to perform heat transfer and conjugate heat transfer simulations, such as the CPU cooling fan analysis shown here. Rigid body motion allows parts to rotate and/or translate with repect to each other, yielding time-accurate flow date that includes the effects of transient interactions between components.
High angle of attack re-entry simulation of the NASA X-34 with adaptive meshing for off-body shock capture: STAR-CCM+ offers a comprehensive range of efficient solvers for flow regimes from low speed up to hypersonic (whilst the fluid remains a continuum). Image courtesy of TLG Aerospace.