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Companies that use STAR-CCM+ do so because they need the nocompromise approach to develop their products for their competitive marketplace. Thank you for spending some of your valuable time reading this special report on STAR-CCM+ in electronics thermal management. It is our hope that you find value both in hearing how some other leading companies are leveraging simulation and in learning a few insights into more efficiently simulating some common situations in electronics thermal management.
In the midst of constant media reminders about how tough times are, it’s difficult not to be at least a little gloomy about the prospects for the engineering business as a whole. This magazine is designed to provide an antidote to the doom and gloom showing that, not only is the CAE business as buoyant as ever, but that simulation is becoming even more pervasive, being used at every stage of the engineering process, and penetrating all levels of industry. This magazine contains stories that demonstrate how CFD is being used for everything from student motorsport design to the historical...
Sunroof buffeting and acoustical impedance of flexible structures : the noise associated with sunroof buffeting is caused by unsteady flow over the sunroof opening interacting with the roof panel and radiating sound to the vehicle occupants.
Virtual Wind Tunnel Analysis of an F1 Race Car
Aerodynamics of a Track Car
CO2 ISO-Surface on a Diesel Spray
NASCAR Aerodynamics
Simulation of a Diesel Particulate Filter
Trim Mesh of Metca Le Mans Car