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Optimization of electronics cooling fins using Optimate+ : CD-adapco has partnered with Red Cedar Technology to deliver Optimate+, an add-on module for STAR-CCM+ that offers a breakthrough solution for design exploration and optimization with CAE/CFD simulations
External aerodynamics analysis on a hellfire missile using Optimate. Optimate was used to automatically run a parametric study of different angle of attacks on the missile aero characteristics.
Velocity vectors at center-plane of an Apache attack helicopter.
Pressure profile on a multi-stage axial compressor : the Harmonic Balance solver within STAR-CCM+ is designed to provide engineering results for unsteady phenomena at up to 10x faster than full unsteady analysis, resulting in a cost-effective and accurate approach for analyzing compressor performance.
Thermal cabin modeling of car : cabin comfort can be addressed through virtual prototyping during the design stage of the product development cycle.
STAR-CCM+ includes a human thermo-physiological model called Thermal Comfort Model (TCM) that accounts for thermal inertia, blood circulation, heat exchange,vapor exchange and body temperatures.
Surface to surface radiation simulation : STAR-CCM+ is an efficient and accurate tool to help identify problems and focus on thermal solutions including adressing conduction, radiation, convection and CHT
Car Power train, with Surface 2 Surface Radiation
Pressure distribution on airplane wing and body. (FSI)