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More than any other, the oil and gas industry is dominated by fluids. From the extraction, processing and delivery of the hydrocarbons, to designing offshore platforms that are more able to resist the most extreme environmental conditions, understanding the behavior of fluids in and around your process is critical to success in the intensely competitive oil and gas industry.
CD-adapco has a long history of providing state-of-the-art flow, thermal and stress simulation to the marine industry. From large shipyards to suppliers of small components, the use of our technology has become a standard feature in marine design and safety assurance process. Using our cutting-edge solver technology, our customers have been able to tackle some of the most demanding problems
In order to meet the world's energy demands in a sustainable manner, engineers need to deliver robust innovative technology. For 30 years, CD-adapco has enabled energy engineers to do just that in the 'traditional' energy sectors, and we now routinely apply the same advanced engineering simulation technology to all facets of the Wind Energy sector.
Traditional simulation technology struggles to handle complex geometries, and fails to accurately model critical physical and environmental scenarios. Star-CCM+ is different. Not only does it capture the full detail of your actual design in high fidelity, but it also contains a full range of physics models that allow you to simulate any cooling strategy or environmental condition with ease.
The introduction of a new Discrete Element Modeling capability into the latest release of CD-adapco's multi-disciplinary engineering software STAR-CCM+ adds the ability to simulate bulk material handling and granular flows. In addition, STAR-CCM+ V5.06 includes a broad range of new features and improvements, including more than 200 customer enhancement requests
Daniele Camatti, Pro S3 s.r.l. In this article we describe how CFD was used in order to optimize the thermal comfort of a residential building. The objective of the study was to determine whether the arrangement of air-conditioning and heating devices was sufficient to keep the house comfortably cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
VIASYS Healthcare, is a global market leader in health care technology. The Respiratory Care division delivers a comprehensive line of respiratory products serving the smallest neonate to the largest adult patient.
It is difficult to find any auto OEM that does not have either EV vehicles in production or in advanced development. Batteries have emerged as a key technology to the success of any EVs and this has resulted in a business environment with OEMs, tier 1 suppliers and cell manufacturers forming JVs and alliances to deliver complete battery pack solutions.
Fully integrated transient flow & thermal analysis from simple circuit through to full electro-chemistry for Li-ion cells, packs & vehicle installations.
Joseph Kummer, Propulsive Wing. For over a century mankind has devoted substantial resources toward achieving and improving flight. With the yearly threat of major wildfires and the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East as its primary focus, Propulsive Wing, LLC is developing unmanned aerial vehicle solutions for both domestic fire fighting support and military applications, covering a wide range of missions.