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Surface irradiation and the flow pattern in the main lecture hall at the Hermann-Rietschel-Institut, which was also calculated using Solar Loads Model during a lecture
This STAR-CCM+ aerodynamic analysis of a Cervelo S5 bike allowed to visualize the pressure on the bike and the rider, as well as the behavior of the airflow in their wake.
STAR-CCM+ was used to perform the aerodynamic analysis of a Wilson soccer ball in order to better understand its side force effect. The image shows streamlines in the wake behind the soccer ball.
Shown here is a typical wave impact on a General External Structure (GES) submersible, solved in STAR-CCM+. Image courtesy of NSWCCD/NAVSEA.
Hull with no rudder in fine waves (Image courtesy of KCS Marine) : modeling the motion of a body resulting from the forces and moments on it can be carried out seamlessly within the single integrated environment of STAR-CCM+.
STAR-CCM+ offers an extensive range of validated physical models for multi-component multiphase analyses. Here, a Lagrangian simulation was performed on a gas / bubble lift separator.
Visualization of slurry in a mixer using Linear Integral Convolution technique
For heat transfer and conjugate heat transfer simulations, STAR-CCM+ offers a wide range of models, including solar, multi-band and specular thermal radiation (discrete ordinates or surface-to-surface) models. Here, STAR-CCM+ was used to compute the temperatures at component level inside a router and assess the efficiency of the cooling system.
STAR-CCM+ provides advanced automated meshing capabilities which ensure that the fidelity of a complex geometry is retained in the simulations and no simplifications are involved. Shown here is a volume mesh with conformal meshing between the components of a motherboard.
Through our long term collaboration with Battery Design LLC, a leader in electrochemical model development, CD-adapco is able to offer an expansive solution for coupled thermal-electrochemical simulations. Shown is a scalar plot of Specific Ohmic Heat Source on battery connectors.