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STAR-CCM+燃焼機能および適用範囲についてご紹介します。各燃焼モデルについて予め用意した事例での演習も含みます。 さらに、DARS-BASICおよびDARS-CFDの使用に関する基本的な情報、デモ、STAR-CCM+との連成等についてわかりやすく説明いたします。
STAR-CCM+ v10.04版本新功能介绍
随着STAR-CCM+ v10.04版本的发布,CD-adapco中国于2015年7月28日15:00-16:00通过网络研讨会方式,介绍了v10.04的主要新功能。STAR-CCM+® v10.04的最大特色,是加入了计算固体力学模拟模块,通过使用CD-adapco开发的基于有限元法的固体应力求解器,来进行固体力学的模拟。 新版本中的主要新功能包括(但不仅限于)如下: 为耦合固体能量计算而开发的伴随流求解器,现在可以进行固体导热和共轭传热问题的敏感性分析。 通过CAD客户端,现在可以允许有更多的数据从CAD软件包导入STAR-CCM+。 更多的色图选择,可以让大家更好的理解模拟的结果。 Optimate™的界面进行了重新的设计,大家可以在设计优化过程中,实时的观察模拟进程的更新。 自定义总结报告可以生成很好的自定义的模拟结果分析总结。 在Simulation History中可以进行边界数据导出,这样减小了simh文件的大小。同时通过只保存边界的数据提升了整体的计算性能。 在海洋工程中,为深沉以及纵摇计算引入了平衡DFBI的运动类型,该运动类型适用于在力和力矩相互作用最终处于平衡的状态,该方法大幅度的减少了计算的成本。 【主讲人】 葛兰 【关于 Webinar 】 Webinar是一种通过网络媒体进行的技术研讨活动,我们通过WebEx系统在网络上提供技术交流。...
多孔板与其他多孔介质:是否采用 Idelchik 法
电子组件常常包括多孔板、格珊、纤维状过滤器、护手板以及其他具有细小气流通道的部件。这些零件的主要用途可能包括美观目的、提供 EMI 屏蔽、灰尘过滤或确保用户安全等,但是,它们也会显著限制流经系统的气流。 正确考虑它们产生的气流阻力增加是电子装置散热设计的关键。然而,由于这些多孔介质具有小气流通道的细小几何特性,在整个系统层面进行机箱散热分析时确切模拟详细气流通道有可能效果不佳,甚至无法实施。 这次在线研讨会将研究一些主要方法,以便计算多孔介质对于流经电子系统的气流的效果。这些方法涵盖从详细几何与流动模拟、多孔介质模型、到基于手册的计算等。研讨会还将讨论每种方法的优缺点、举例说明正确应用多孔阻力方法在节约时间、提高计算效率方面的优势。 【主讲人】 何安定 博士 【关于 Webinar 】 Webinar是一种通过网络媒体进行的技术研讨活动,我们通过WebEx系统在网络上提供技术交流。用户只需要在计算机上连接网络就可以聆听和观看技术报告以及产品功能的展示。我们会提供网络和对方付费的电话号码实现声音的传输。Webinar登录的详细方法,会在注册后的邮件回复中进行说明。 ※从本页面注册后,数分钟后您的注册邮箱会收到自动发送的邮件回复,请注意查收。如果长时间没有收到邮件回复,请与我司联系。 ※注册时,请务必使用所在单位的邮箱进行注册;公共邮箱注册的情况,有可能会被拒绝,请了解。
A bearded man in a tunic stood beneath a cloudless blue sky on the hot sand of a beach beside a large sea. All around him were young scholars, also wearing tunics, chattering about the bright sun and the heat it brought. Behind him was a large gray cliff where noisy birds were flying to and from their nests high up on the rock wall. The bearded man asked the students, "Can you describe what you have learned about this beach?" The students quieted and began to look around. One student asked quizzically, "We've just arrived here. What could we have learned? There's nothing here but sand, the birds, the sea, and the sun."
最適化ツールの導入をご検討のお客様を対象に、設計探査作業(最適化、実験計画法、 応答曲面等)の一連の流れを例題を通じてご体験いただくことができます。
Better Products Faster through Multidisciplinary Design Exploration
보다 강력한 컴퓨터 하드웨어와 보다 쉽게 해석 환경에 접근할 수 있는 기회가 늘어남에 따라 엔지니어들은 이전까지는 전혀 볼 수 없었던 제품 특성에 대한 통찰력을 가질 수 있는 도구들을 가지게 되었습니다. 그렇다면 ‘여러분들은 제품 특성에 대한 이해뿐만 아니라 제품 성능을 향상 시키기 위한 통찰력을 어떻게 얻고 사용하십니까? 더하여 설계 탐색은 어떻게 도움이 되십니까? 본 온라인 동영상은 시뮬레이션 기술들의 발전이 어떻게 엔지니어들이 다 분야 설계 탐색을 통해 보다 나은 설계를 구현할 수 있는지를 보여드릴 것 입니다. 본 영상에서는 민감도 해석이나 Parametric 설계 탐색과 더불어 Non-parametric 형상 최적화를 위한 Adjoint Solver 사용에 대한 내용도 포함되어 있습니다. 시뮬레이션 소프트웨어를 처음 사용하는 사용자들 뿐만 아니라 기존 사용자분들도 설계 탐색 기술들이 전반적인 제품 성능 개선을 위해 해석 작업 과정에 얼마나 효과적으로 적용될 수 있는지 알게 되실 겁니다.
Most accidents involving hydrogen begin with its leakage and spreading in the air and spontaneous detonation, which is accompanied by fire or deflagration of hydrogen mixture with heat and /or shocks, which may cause harm to life and equipment. Outflow of hydrogen in a confined volume and its propagation in the volume is the worst option because of the impact of the insularity on the process of detonation. According to the safety requirements for handling hydrogen specialized systems (ventilation, sprinklers, burners etc.) are required for maintaining the hydrogen concentration less than the...
The simulation of respiratory systems is a growing field within the life sciences industry, with applications ranging from inhaler design optimization to the modeling of particle deposition into lungs and assessing the efficacy of inhaled medications. In this webinar we will discuss and demonstrate how leading simulation software can be used to prototype device designs, eliminating the need for time-consuming clinical tests. Topics will include the modeling of the device, in silico modeling of nasal passages and respiratory tracts, diagnostics and even virtual surgeries to aid the decision-...
The Value of 3D Scanning Technologies as a Complementary Tool to STAR-CCM+® for Various CFD Applications
Creaform develops and manufactures market cutting edge handheld 3D measurement technologies and uses them to perform 3D scanning followed by CFD analyses with STAR-CCM+. The process is executed within an integrated team of engineers at Creaform, allowing companies to benefit from a complete CFD analysis without having any numerical geometry to start from. This presentation shows real-life examples of such complementarity within several industries like building services, performance vehicles and extreme sports. The first example is a design exploration for the restauration of an incubator. CFD...
How Optimization is Helping the CFD Consulting Business Become More Competitive
CFD is becoming a multi-purpose tool that can be useful for several types of project. As a consulting firm in engineering simulation, Lx Sim caters to companies needing simulation on an ad hoc basis or as regular addition to their internal capabilities. The coming of age of tools such as Optimate+ ® and the adjoint solver has helped us gain in-depth knowledge of specific applications, on top of our general expertise. The use of such tools has helped us better understand each problem and provide insightful solutions to our clients in a timely manner. The outcome is an increase in the value of...