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This is a chance to learn about our FST sponsorship package (free training, support, and licensing) and our easy-to-use, state-of-the-art multidisciplinary simulation software STAR-CCM+ . During this workshop, we will show how the software can be used to enhance the performance of your car in the areas of aerodynamics, vehicle thermal management and powertrain.
CFD and CSM from a Single Integrated Environment
STAR-CCM+ is the first tool on the market to offer both Computational Fluid Dynamics and Computational Solid Mechanics from a single and easy-to-use fully integrated environment. This is an important step in terms of the future direction of engineering simulation. Engineers can now easily bridge the gap between the fluid and structure disciplines within on single user interface. This offers a cost-effective way to model FSI problems.
As we have developed STAR-CCM+ we have always worked to provide a tool based on the philosophy that integration allows the engineering analyst to cut down simulation time and cost while expanding application scope. With v10.04, we make a huge leap forward in these aims, with the release of a finite element solid stress solver to provide computational solid mechanics capabilities from the same integrated user interface you are already very familiar with. So why did we develop this solid mechanics capability in STAR-CCM+?