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Daniele Camatti, Pro S3 s.r.l. In this article we describe how CFD was used in order to optimize the thermal comfort of a residential building. The objective of the study was to determine whether the arrangement of air-conditioning and heating devices was sufficient to keep the house comfortably cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
VIASYS Healthcare, is a global market leader in health care technology. The Respiratory Care division delivers a comprehensive line of respiratory products serving the smallest neonate to the largest adult patient.
It is difficult to find any auto OEM that does not have either EV vehicles in production or in advanced development. Batteries have emerged as a key technology to the success of any EVs and this has resulted in a business environment with OEMs, tier 1 suppliers and cell manufacturers forming JVs and alliances to deliver complete battery pack solutions.
Fully integrated transient flow & thermal analysis from simple circuit through to full electro-chemistry for Li-ion cells, packs & vehicle installations.
Joseph Kummer, Propulsive Wing. For over a century mankind has devoted substantial resources toward achieving and improving flight. With the yearly threat of major wildfires and the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East as its primary focus, Propulsive Wing, LLC is developing unmanned aerial vehicle solutions for both domestic fire fighting support and military applications, covering a wide range of missions.
CD-adapco & Red Cedar Technology have joined forces to offer a breakthrough solution for design exploration and optimization with CAE/CFD simulation. Optimate is an add-on module for STAR-CCM+ that directly employs state-of-the-art process automation and design optimization technology. Optimate includes CD-adapco’s Power Token software licensing, eliminating the barriers
Adoption of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation is emerging as a game changer for continuous manufacturing applied to Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs).
Presented at the STAR Global Conference 2012 As CFD is being embraced by the frame, wheel and component manufacturers in the cycling industry, some practical challenges are quickly emerging. Discussions and concerns regarding the scope and resources required to conduct CFD studies, as well as their relevance, are quickly evolving - a phenomenon which is not unique to the cycling community. In this presentation we will outline a process, that can effectively help to manage CFD in the overall design process by directly addressing data management and workflow issues. Particularly we see a...
Presented at the STAR Global Conference 2012 CFD analysis is becoming a tool of choice in the competitive cycling industry. Cycling product development has taken advantage of integrating CFD in its development process. Significant improvements were made, mainly for drag reduction. CFD also serves the marketing department: multicolored CFD pictures and other engineering data is now the standard for cycling products promotion. Following this trend and with the help of Lx R&D, Louis Garneau Sport introduced CFD in the development of what was going to be the Vorticce, their best time-trial...
Presented at the STAR Global Conference 2012 The presentation will be divided in the following sections: 1. Cervélo in the past A brief history of how Cervélo performed the aerodynamic analysis of bikes, such as the P4. The primary tool was the wind tunnel, a time consuming development phase, yielding good quantitative solutions but no qualitative solutions. A summary of development time and resources will also be included. 2. CFD Benchmarking Prior to the development of the replacement of the P4 time trial bike it was necessary to make sure that STAR-CCM+ provides the correct results in both...