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LES/VOF calculation of the spray primary breakup process used to calculate initial conditions for a Lagrangian model
Dynamic Fluid Body Interaction simulation of a large cargo ship
STAR-CCM+ Dynamic Fluid Body Interaction; Fluid loads on a rigid structure passed to Abaqus“on-the-fly”
The ELSA model used to predict spray primary breakup
Diesel spray breakup modeling using VOF and LES
Fuel injection during intake for a DI gasoline engine 1
Fuel injection during intake for a DI gasoline engine 2
V6 engine with complete intake and exhaust systems, fully calculated
Spray-aligned mesh used to accurately model the fuel injection, spray evaporation, and mixing processes.
Spray-aligned Mesh introduced at the time of fuel injection and used to capture the high gradients and turbulent mixing that occurs within the spray.
Prism Layer Mesh of gasoline powered Internal Combustion Engine, with all details including spark plug captured by es-ice