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Soccer Ball Wake
Animation of wake behind a soccer ball spinning using Overset Mesh
Calculated initial temperature distribution in die and shot sleeve via die cycle warm-up.
Unstructured polyhedral mesh including thin layer at material interfaces for good prediction of thin section fill and precise calculation of high gradients.
The Road To 200
CD-adapco are proud supporters of World Record Holder Nic Case's effort to drive a remote controlled model car at 200mph. This video is insane.
April 12, 2013. New York and London CD-adapco is pleased to announce the availability of the STAR-CCM+ v8.02 Update Release. This second release of STAR-CCM+ v8.02 aims to fix a number of issues reported in the first one. Please login to the Steve Portal and navigate to File Downloads to obtain the new release.
Mississippi State University Ecocar2 Team Intro video