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Cette session vous fournira un aperçu de la valeur ajoutée de l’intégration de l’exploration de design dans votre plan R&D ou métier. Plusieurs démonstrations exposeront en détail le processus complet, depuis le maillage automatisé pour les calculs 2D/3D, ou la mise en place des boucles de simulations pour les applications 1D, jusqu'à nos méthodes uniques d’exploration de design et d’optimisation permettant aux ingénieurs de converger vers de meilleures solutions. Nous aborderons aussi comment utiliser notre plateforme comme outil de chaînage et couplage de vos différents logiciels de...
We get a lot of questions about GPUs, and I think it’s fair to say there’s a lot of confusion and indeed misinformation on the general topic. So, to start things off, let’s clarify what we mean by GPU utilization. GPU is the abbreviation for Graphics Processing Unit. This aim of this enhancement is to enable you to draw (or render) images faster, using your local graphics resources, resulting a better interactive experience when working with STAR-CCM+.
CD-adapco China邀请您参加3月20日下午15点-16点面向中国客户的v10.02主要新功能及其应用范围的介绍网络研讨会。
"CD-adapco汽车行业专题研讨会”是CD-adapco China面向汽车生产、研发、设计等相关用户主办的专题研讨会,已先后在北京、上海等地成功举办。现将于2015年3月份在武汉、重庆、长春等地陆续举 行,大会将由CD-adapco China汽车行业专家与您共同探讨汽车各个技术领域模拟技术的现状与趋势,诚邀您选择合适您的地点及时间,注册参会!
Better Electronics System Design with Detailed Fan and Blower Simulations
This webcast explores in detail the typical method for testing fans and blowers, the inherent assumptions in the test procedures and several methods of simulating fans. Particular insights into the air flow produced by fans and blowers will be demonstrated along with potential extensions of the data such as aeroacoustic noise. The vast majority of electronic systems are cooled using fans or blowers to move air over heat exchange devices such as heat sinks. The fans and blowers are typically characterized by a performance (PQ) curve that shows the relationship between the flow that can be...
Counter-Current Flow in a Pressurized Water Reactor [Deendarlianto et al., NED, 39 (2012)]
STAR-CCM+ simulation of Counter-Current Flow in a Pressurized Water Reactor using Large Scale Interface Model
Rarely in life do we get the chance to get more for less, and the world of simulation is no different, or at least not until now. Typically in our simulations we have to make compromises, and in choosing those compromises we need to know which models will give us the best information at the minimum cost. We must also understand the assumptions our choices carry and how these might influence the decisions we make. This after all is the art of being a good Simulation Engineer. Before we begin and lose ourselves in the wonders of multiphase, imagine if you will a beach, the sun is beating down, the wind is blowing and the surf is up. The sea looks a little rough, but being a good Simulation Engineer the foamy seas pose no worries to you and your recent lunch…..
국방/항공 분야에서 중첩격자 기술(Overset Mesh)의 활용
중첩격자 기술(또는 키메라 격자)은 수십 여년 동안 있던 기술이지만 주로 일부 공력분야에서만 사용되어 왔습니다. 중첩격자 해석 툴들은 최근에는 특정 응용분야에 맞게 사용되도록 개발되고 있습니다. 하지만 그 나름대로 강력한 기능에도 불구하고 실제 사용하기에는 여전히 쉽지 않은 면이 있습니다. 본 영상에서 보여드리는 데모 시연에서는 중첩 격자를 사용한 형상준비, 격자 생성, 해석 및 후처리 과정을 포함한 전체적인 해석 프로세스를 시연할 예정입니다. 다음과 같은 몇 가지 응용 사례를 통해 중첩 격자의 장점에 대해 알려드리도록 하겠습니다. • 항공기/우주선 분리 • 항공기 제어 표면(Control Surface) 성능 • 역추진 장치 전개 • 회전익 항공기의 이착륙 • 수중양용차량의 입수 • 차량 침수와 물 관리 • 기어박스 윤활 • 밸브, 댐퍼 및 펌프 지상, 육상 및 해상 운송수단들에 대한 연구에 종사 중이신 분들에게는 유익한 강의가 될 것입니다. 이미 중첩 격자를 사용하셨던 경험을 가지고 계시더라도 관련 기술이 어느 정도 발전되었고, 모델링의 정확도 향상, 계산 시간 단축 및 설계 개선을 위해 얼마나 쉽게 사용할 수 있는지에 대해 다루게 될 것입니다.
What do rockets have in common with heart pumps? For that matter, what does a water slide share with a nuclear reactor? When a company designs these products, simulation is the key to outpacing the competition. In order to have an accurate simulation, you first have to build the right mesh. Lying under every simulation is a mesh that forms the foundation of the model. In the upcoming webinar presenters will use STAR-CCM+ ® to demonstrate how you can simulate a broad range of physical phenomena to answer the most difficult questions in engineering. This webinar will focus on advanced meshing...