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Simulating Systems 2014
Don't Simulate Part of the Problem, Simulate the Whole Problem. CD-adapco is dedicated to enabling our customers to solve real engineering problems, incorporating all of the physics that influence the real life performance of the product...
Pool Table Best Break
Optimization of Pool Ball Break, best shot #140
Join us on April 30th for a complimentary workshop that will discuss the principles needed to accomplish these challenges and illustrate how it can be done using a Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (MDO) and Design Exploration Environment. If you want to understand how to achieve the best designs, faster through engineering design optimization, then you must attend this session.
Speaking to the STAR Global Conference 2014, in Vienna, President Steve MacDonald reveals that CD-adapco is working to add a Finite Element solver to STAR-CCM+.
Casting and Manufacturing Simulation of High Fidelity Parts  Using STAR-Cast
At present, both energy efficient and lightweight products are of great importance in the aerospace & defense and energy sectors, for example. The design of such lightweight parts often leads to extremely thin and complex geometries which are only able to provide the necessary strength and durability when the micro-structure at critical regions complies with tight specifications. For metal parts, casting is often the most efficient production process which, in addition to relative freedom in the geometric design, gives the opportunity to control the micro-structure by the solidification...
If you are a CFD user and want to reduce your simulation process and delivery times of simulation projects, you don't want to miss this event. The capabilities of STAR-CCM+ has impacted the CFD market with unprecedented gains in productivity . By attending, you will see firsthand the benefits of taking CAD directly into CFD simulation without laborious, manual CAD repair.
This workshop will provide an excellent opportunity to learn about the latest developments in state-of-the-art industrial flow, thermal, and stress simulation. These advances reduce time and cost, while ultimately facilitating innovation.