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STAR-CCM+における振動音響の開発エンジニアによる最新技術動向・ トピックス等をご紹介いたします。更に、STAR-CCM+の開発に直接問題提起 する場となるディスカッショ(日本語)を行います。
STAR-CCM+における振動音響の開発エンジニアによる最新技術動向・トピックス等を ご紹介いたします。 更に、STAR-CCM+の開発に直接問題提起する場となるディスカッショ(日本語)を行います。
STAR-CCM+のプロダクトマネージャーによる最新技術動向・トピックス等をご紹介いたします。 更に、STAR-CCM+の開発に直接問題提起する場となるディスカッション(日本語)を行います。
新開発のエンジン筒内計算専用完全自動メッシングツール『Xmesh』と筒内計算 のポスト処理を自動化する『Mr Postman』をハンズオン形式でご紹介します。 筒内エンジン計算工数を大幅に削減する新しいツールをぜひご体験ください。
Using CFD to Analyze Clean Rooms, Operating Rooms and Aseptic Filling Processes
Eliminating environmental or other airborne contaminants within medical, biological research and production facilities is critical to the success of their mission. The use of CFD allows for a non-intrusive way of determining air conditions of a room without concern for operator safety potentially disturbing a measurement. In this webcast we demonstrate how CFD is used for analysis and optimization in several environments: be it determining ventilation rates in an operating room, playing a critical role in minimizing the rate of infection from airborne bacteria and viruses; or a study of a...
DYNAMICS Japan, CD-adapco’s Simulation Magazine, Now Available Nagoya, a historical city and hometown of Shogun Tokugawa as well as the center of automotive and aerospace industries in Japan, is home to the third CD-adapco office location in Japan. New York, London and Yokohama. April 21, 2015 CD-adapco™, the largest privately held CFD-focused provider of Computer Aided Engineering software, today announced the opening of a third Japanese office location in Nagoya. CD-adapco already has well-established offices in Yokohama and Osaka. The company’s continued expansion into the Japanese market...
Retaining Dam CFD Analysis
Animation from BAW (Bundesanstalt für Wasserbau) showing a retaining dam at the river Neckar. Simulation performed for 50 s real time with 14.5 million cells.
Are traditional ship design methods, which rely heavily on model testing, hindering companies from adopting innovative solutions that would help them face new challenges? Has the time come for the marine industry to start focusing their efforts on validating CFD methods at full scale and under real operating conditions? This online event will investigate the benefits and use of more complex CFD simulations for self-propulsion. With these the industry will be able to more effectively achieve ship contract speed and address the demand for an increase in sea-going vessel capacity and the...
本ワークショップは、STARCCM+の3DCADを利用したモデリングに興味をお持ちのエンジニアの方に最適です。機能紹介、デモ、ハンズオントレーニングから構成され、パラメトリックスタディ、不足CAD形状の作成、既存 CADの修正などを効率的におこなうための方法について触れます。