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As tendências do mercado neste e nos próximos anos deixa a engenharia automotiva com restrições financeiras para desenvolvimento, mantendo os desafios. Neste cenário, uso de simulação computacional é chave para atender as demandas de qualidade e custo. Esta tecnologia é capaz de prover um ambiente de testes virtuais confiável em todas as fases do projeto, auxiliando na redução de custos de protótipos e tempo de desenvolvimento, garantindo maior qualidade do produto.
This is a presentation delivered at AUSA 2015 by CD-adapco
Numerical Investigations of Deposit Formation in SCR Systems
Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) is widely used within industry to help meet the challenging nitric oxide (NOx) emission requirements for diesel engines. There are a number of important criteria necessary for designing an efficient SCR system, including fast mixture preparation of the liquid urea-water solution and high ammonia uniformity at the SCR device. However, one problem that threatens the life and performance of the system is urea deposit formations. The deposits can generate backpressure, material deterioration causing decrease in engine and emission performance of the SCR device...
STAR-CCM+ is a process oriented CAE tool that delivers a multidisciplinary engineering simulation solution in a single integrated environment. STAR-CCM+ v7 is the latest release that focuses on further shortening the product development schedule of uses, increase their product quality and delivers unique insight into their product’s performance. v7 introduces the game-changing Chimera grid capability, in addition to Indirect Mapped Interfaces and Solution History.
Image shows the simulation of different systems in a chemical processing plant - Static Mixer, Flare, Particle Transport, Separator and Stirred Tank are shown.
Fire in an aircraft cockpit
Simulation showing spreading of fire in the cockpit of a Hawker Hurricane. This helps in understanding and analyzing fire suppression systems in the cockpit.
CD-adapco™, the largest privately held CFD-focused provider of Computer Aided Engineering software, today unveiled wave6, a new software product line for vibro-acoustic and aero-vibro-acoustic simulation. The new products will complement and extend the functionality of the company’s flagship simulation tool, STAR-CCM+®, to address flow-induced noise and vibration problems.