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マルチフィジックスの解析を提供するSTAR-CCM+ では電磁場解析は強化項目の一つです。 STAR-CCM+ でのハンズオンセッションと電磁場解析の事例をわかりやすくご紹 介します。
CFD 初心者や、 基礎的な理論知識を習得したい方々向けに各種保存方程式や 数値ス キームといった基礎やCFD のワークフローをわかりやすく説明いたします。
Universities are increasingly using the flipped classroom model as an alternative method of teaching. How do methodologies of the flipped model approach benefit engineering students, and what examples are being utilized in engineering companies? Furthermore, how are professors employing these techniques today? In this online event, Professor Ron Averill discusses examples of the flipped model used at Michigan State University and will explore different teaching approaches. The advantages of lifelong learning and relevant learning tools that can prepare engineers for the transition to industry...
If you are involved in the design or operation of offshore vessels and are interested in learning how industry leaders such as Heerema Marine Contractors (HMC) are using CFD as part of the Naval Architect’s toolkit, this webinar is for you. Designing and operating offshore vessels can be a challenging, making an accurate understanding of vessel behavior an economic and safety necessity. While potential flow codes and model tests remain key parts of the Naval Architect’s toolkit, their limitations are well known. For example, Chevron reports that differences between the model test and field...