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About 200 hundred years ago, the first industrial revolution saw the transition from bio-fuel-powered, hand production methods to new, factory-based, machine-aided, fossil-fuel-powered manufacturing processes. This was a major turning point in history, which influenced, to some extent, every aspect of daily life.
Introducing Admixtus: A new mixing-specific tool used to accelerate the process of CFD-based mixing simulations.
Please join us for a workshop in Copenhagen, where we will explore the benefits of applying CFD in the chemical process, pharmaceutical and biotech industries.
Steve MacDonald is honored for creating a blueprint for software and tech-based companies on Long Island to become global success stories.
For both new or experienced design engineers using simulation or computer aided design, this session will highlight how process automation and real design exploration can take time out of development cycles and add real value.
Thermal Modeling Approaches for Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)
Every electronics assembly includes at least one printed circuit board (PCB) whose primary purpose is to provide electrical connections among chips and connectors. PCBs range in size from a few millimeters across and a fraction of a millimeter thick (such as in a smart watch), to hundreds of millimeters across and several millimeters thick. Printed circuit boards include electrically and thermally conductive layers, often made of copper, sandwiched between thicker dielectric layers which are minimally conductive. Because of their physical size, presence of layers of copper traces, and...
STAR-CCM+を使用して移動境界シミュレーション解析技術を身につけたいエンジニアの方に最適です。 今回は、オーバーセットメッシュ機能とDFBIモデリングを身近な機能として習得していただくことを大きな目標としており、それら2つの機能を用いた様々なパターンの実践的な演習をご用意いたしました。
STAR-CCM+を使用して移動境界シミュレーション解析技術を身につけたいエンジニアの方に最適です。 今回は、オーバーセットメッシュ機能とDFBIモデリングを身近な機能として習得していただくことを大きな目標としており、それ ら2つの機能を用いた様々なパターンの実践的な演習をご用意いたしました。
最適化ツールの導入をご検討のお客様を対象に、設計探査作業(最適化、 実験計画法、応答曲面等)の一連の流れを例題を通じてご体験いただけます。