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Image courtesy of WSP Group, UK. This image shows an example of a statistically derived wind condition imposed on a simplified urban landscape. This type of analysis informs the planning process with respect to impact on pedestrian comfort and safety.
日本のユーザー様に向けて、広報誌「Dynamics Japan Edition ISSUE02」を2015年4月に発行しました。 本号では、CD-adapcoが提唱している“Multidisciplinary Design eXploration (MDX) ”、複合領域最適化について、単なるコンセプトを超えて実際の設計へいかに適用するかを全体のテーマとしています。 ・ユーザーインタビュー第2回:JFEテクノリサーチ株式会社 CAEセンター様 「鉄鋼業におけるCAEの実績を生かしたベストソリューションを製造業へ幅広く提供 ─実験、計測の裏付けを持つ高精度の解析を提案するCAEのプロフェッショナル」 ・ユーザーストーリー:ニッサン・モータースポーツ・インターナショナル株式会社様 「知られざる空力開発━2009年規定終盤の進化を追う」 インタビュー:“メリハリを利かせた空力”
Research into the oxidative coupling of methane has been ongoing for more than 2 decades, with the potential payoff being the ability to produce ethylene at much lower costs. In this process, methane is selectively reacted with oxygen in presence of a catalyst to produce ethylene (instead of completely reacting it to water and carbon dioxide). There are two major hurdles to overcome in implenting this process: firstly we need to find a catalyst that has high selectivity; and secondly we need to be to scale-up this process.
Numerical simulation model of a fire accident within a warehouse. Hazardous fire factors are estimated. The new “Volume Rendering” option enables a more realistic presentation of flame propagation.
Presentation courtesty of LX Sim delivered at the Canadian Dam Association (CDA) Workshop on Physical & Numerical Hydraulic Modeling in 2013.
In this video we demonstrate an analysis involving a free falling flow. This was necessary to characterize the velocity profile at the surface of an inlet. It also gives a visual to a flow that is occurring at a rapid rate. Simulation was performed in Star-CCM+.
Hurricane wave interaction with old I-10 Escambia Bay Bridge
This is the classical dam break test case, for assessing VOF models. One can see the very detailed VOF interface modeled with STAR-CCM+. Forces on the obstacle are being monitored along time as well.
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Portland District (CENWP) operates the Bonneville Lock and Dam Project on the Columbia River. High spill discharges that occurred during 2011 moved a large volume of rock from downstream of the spillway apron to the stilling basin and apron. Although 400 cubic yards of rocks were removed from the stilling basin, there are still large volumes of rock downstream of the apron that could, under certain flow conditions, move upstream into the stilling basin. CENWP is investigating operational changes that could be implemented to minimize future movement of rock into...
A simulation using STAR-CCM+ observing the effects of water in a bellmouth spillway (scaled 1:50 ) in three dimensions. Simulation was performed using the volume of fluid (VOF) model with a time step of 0.001s and a mesh of around 4mm.