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The end goal of any design is a reliable, well-performing product, yet achieving these characteristics in the design of electronics systems is a challenging endeavor. A range of factors contribute to the challenge including the constant need for ever-increasing capabilities, compressed design schedules, and ever-decreasing size – all while avoiding a host of failure modes. This report highlights how CFD can help the Electronics Industry discover better designs, faster, through a wide sampling of applications, addressing a range of physical phenomena important to the different designs, from...
Imagine achieving better product designs, faster and with less testing or repetitive manual work. Learn how to deploy design exploration easily with MDX (Multidisciplinary Design eXploration), a methodology that can link,enable and accelerate your current simulation tools to give you much greater return on investment.
STAR-CCM+ v11.04 brings Solution History support for derived parts! This improves interaction with transient results and facilitates more effective communication by storing iso-surfaces and all section types (plane, constrained plane, cylinder, sphere, and arbitrary section) in your Solution History files.
単相流の伝熱解析に従事するエンジニアや研究者の方を対象として います。 熱伝導、対流熱伝達、熱輻射(太陽輻射) のモデリング理論の説明、STAR-CCM+ による伝熱解析を紹介させていただくとともに、 ハンズオンセッションを通して実践的な解析方法を体験いただきま す。
Throughout the world, companies in the Energy & Power (E&P) industry are challenged to meet ever-increasing demands for energy efficiency and reliability with the electricity-generating machinery they produce such as gas & steam turbines, wind & hydro turbines, generators, compressors, combustors & burners, nuclear reactors, as well as power plant auxiliary systems such as heat exchangers, pumps, & fans. Moreover, the need to reduce the level of harmful emissions produced during the power-generation process is continually increasing as well. To help find solutions to...