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Using experimental data from a study of flow over a wall-mounted square cylinder (h=4d) as a baseline, three Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes turbulence models are used in a commercial CFD code Star-CCM+ to compare the relative accuracy of the tested models. In virtually every standard of comparison applied in this study, the Realizable κ−ε with a two-layer treatment proved to be far superior to both the κ−ε V2F (All y+ hybrid wall treatment) and the κ−ω models. To observe mesh dependence for each of the models, all three were run on three different polyhedral mesh cases. Resulting first prism...
Virtual Vehicle Thermal Management System Analysis for Component Temperature Prediction
Digital prototypes allow engineers to simulate systems within the early phase of vehicle design. The virtual vehicle can examine real-world tasks using simulation. Complex drive cycle studies are being conducted with these digital simulations to look at peak temperature during operation and where these peak temperatures occur. This can be done early in the design phase, reducing both the cost and time of requiring physical hardware to be made and tested. CD-adapco has been involved with simulating vehicle systems for over 20 years. The simulation has matured over this period from initially...
Presentation on progress towards a full 3D simulation of an HLM Reactor Caution: Large file! 231 MB
CD-adapco: Simulating Systems
Tom Marinaccio, CD-adapco's Senior Vice President of Engineering Services, explains how STAR-CCM+ helps engineers to solve real industrial problems, rather than simplified versions of them.
Thermal-Electrical Design for an Optimized LED Light
LEDs are rapidly growing as the preferred light source for efficient interior and exterior lights. The relative efficiency of LEDs compared to incandescent and even compact fluorescent lighting makes them particularly attractive, plus they demonstrate long life and good physical durability. Ongoing research continues to improve the color characteristics and luminous output of LEDs. However, the design of LED luminaires presents some unique design challenges. Unlike incandescent lights in particular and to a lesser extent compact fluorescent lights, LEDs are quite sensitive to temperature...
A Message From Tom
In this video Tom Marinaccio, CD-adapco's Senior Vice President of Engineering Services, explains how you can make sure that every project is an "Engineering Success".