Our Chemical and Combustion modeling team have the appropriate advanced methods at hand to provide you with the best possible modeling for your specfic system.
  • STAR-CCM+ offers an extensive range of validated physical models for multi-component multiphase analyses. Here, a Lagrangian simulation was performed on a gas / bubble lift separator.


  • Simulation of combustion phenomena may easily be performed using STAR-CCM+. Depicted here is a fossil fuel burner.

Accurate and timely simulation of reacting flows remains one of the key challenges of thermo-fluid simulation. Are you using the newest and best technology available? Let us help you ensure you are.

  • Reactors/seperators

    • Bubble column
    • Demister
    • Oil/water seperation
  • Combustion equipment
    • Fired heaters
    • Flare systems
    • Incineration/TO’s
    • Air ducting
  • Safety
    • Dispersion of hazardous release
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