Fluid-Structure Interaction
Being a multidisciplinary organization, CD-adapco has taken pride in proving solutions to some of the model difficult coupled problems, and FSI is no exception.
  • STAR-CCM+ was used to compute the dynamic viscosity of the blood flow in the case of an aneurysm.

  • Flexible wing : Use of high fidelity computational aeroelasticity is critical to tomorrow's design challenges, driving innovation and resulting in engineering success. STAR-CCM+, with a direct link to Abaqus FEA for co-simulation, seamlessly integrates computational...

Simulating fluidic performance taking into account the reaction of the solids bounding remains an area of ‘simulation art’.  Most applications are unique and offer specific challenges for accurate and stable simulation. We have a specific expertise in FSI simulation and our software has been designed to provide the coupling flexibility to approach nearly any problem.

Let our team provide you with the insight into your specific application, and the opportunity to make more effective design changes with confidence.

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