On-site Focus
We will work with you to understand your problems and assess how we can help you along the process of achieving your objectives. Our focus will be on your needs and available resources.
  • We benefit from a highly qualified workforce. Whether you need help with analysis capability growth, training & mentoring, on-site short-term staff shortage, technology transfer or root-cause investigation, our engineers are ready to work with you to help you achieve your goals.

  • We have experts in nearly every discipline available to satisfy your engineering needs: we offer help with flow and thermal analyses, combustion and chemically reacting flow systems, as well as thermal, structural, and dynamic analyses using finite element analysis methods.

  • Our customers’ success is our priority and we aim to provide you with the very best assistance.

If you need short term help with simulations in your offices or have even longer term needs, we can provide engineers dedicated to you, and focused on your goals.

"Beyond doing analysis and delivering the analysis on time, what really differentiates the consulting group at CD-adapco is the good industrial knowledge of the product that they are working on, which is missing in many other competing CAE consulting firms. I have really enjoyed working with the consulting group at CD-adapco."


We are not a ‘staffing agency’. We discuss your needs and situation with our own full time staff and we seek to create a match that benefits both you and the professional development of our staff.

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