Treating Clients as Partners
By working closely with you and developing relationships, CD-adapco are in a position to transfer our technology and technical know-how to you. We treat our clients as partners and will therefore involve you in all aspects of your project.
  • Over the last fifteen years, our consulting services groups have completed thousands of projects for hundreds of clients covering a staggering diversity of applications.

The application of simulation in design and manufacturing continues to expand. One of CD-adapco’s largest areas of engineering services is to assist our customers in growing their own CAE capabilities.

In a world where economic necessity dictates that companies are staffed very lean, it is often difficult or even impossible to free up your engineers to investigate and validate simulation best practice in a new simulation areas.

CD-adapco Engineering Services is here to help.

Here are the reasons why many companies find CD-adapco Engineering Services an ideal partner in Capability Growth projects:

  1. We have an understanding and access to the very latest in simulation technology.
  2. We have good application experience at the engineering level.
  3. We are completely open with our methods and best practice. We work in complete partnership with you.
  4. Some consultants may not have a vested interest in you performing the simulation yourself. We, however, want to transfer the methods of the project to you and help you to succeed. We want you to see greater value in our software (and to need more licenses).
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