For CAD to simulation ready mesh in minutes rather than days
Traditionally the most time consuming and frustrating part of the CFD process was the time taken to generate a good quality mesh from industrial CAD. With STAR-CCM+ that is no longer the case where the process of transforming CAD to mesh can be largely automated where appropriate, without losing the manual controls if required.
  • STAR-CCM+ provides advanced automated meshing capabilities which ensure that the fidelity of a complex geometry is retained in the simulations and no simplifications are involved. Shown here is a volume mesh with conformal meshing between the components of a motherboard.
  • STAR-CCM+ offers a range of state-of-the-art technologies for volume mesh generation including the pioneering polyhedral mesh type as shown here on a Bell 407 helicopter. Polyhedral meshes are fast to converge, easy to generate and more efficient than tetrahedral meshes.
  • Overset mesh simulation for store separation: the flow field and 6-Degree-of-Freedom motion of the store can be simulated by moving the grid attached to store while the background grid remains stationary, making the accurate simulation of relative motion between objects a straightforward task.
  • The Advancing Layer Mesher uses a pseudo-structured mesh approach to generate layered, primarily structured grids from wall boundaries beyond the boundary layer. This meshing approach is suitable for computations involving bow shocks as depicted in this simulation of the re-entry of the Crew Exploration Vehicle.
  • STAR-CCM+ offers a range of state-of-the-art technologies for volume mesh generation including the pioneering polyhedral mesh type as shown here on a cargo aircraft. Polyhedral meshes are fast to converge, easy to generate and more efficient than tetrahedral meshes.
  • Using the 3D-CAD modeler in STAR-CCM+, users have the ability to build geometries from scratch, or import and edit existing geometries. All parts for the motorcycle shown were created using the 3D-CAD modeler in STAR-CCM+.

Importing or creating CAD geometries

Whether you want access to simulation directly from within your design environment, need to import CAD assemblies or create new geometries, STAR-CCM+ has the solution.

Geometries may be created in design software and are usually setup for design and manufacturing needs rather than for simulation purposes. Furthermore, complex model structures and realism make the meshing process more cumbersome. STAR-CCM+ has the right tools to ensure that a clean geometry is available for meshing.

When a geometry is created in native CAD software, it can be handled in any of the following ways to facilitate downstream meshing:

  • CAD Clients: STAR-CCM+ CAD Clients allow geometry to be transferred directly from your familiar CAD software to STAR-CCM+ without losing any fidelity for subsequent meshing and other downstream operations in STAR-CCM+.  This push method enables what-if studies with multiple design variants in an automated manner. STAR-CCM+ CAD Clients also allow meshing within the familiar CAD software thus eliminating or reducing the need to transfer or prepare the geometry further in STAR-CCM+.
  • CAD Import: STAR-CCM+ also has the ability to import a variety of CAD and PLM formats natively or by translating them into STAR-CCM+ (pull method).

When geometry needs to be modified or when new geometry needs to be created, STAR-CCM+ makes them possible with the included powerful and fully parametric 3D feature-based modeler. Geometry tools include sheet & solid creation, external and internal flow domain extraction, imprinting, exposing geometry parameters for downstream design exploration and optimization.

Powerful meshing tools

STAR-CCM+ can quickly, easily and efficiently prepare and generate meshes for the most complex geometries. Using manual and automatic surface preparation tools, STAR-CCM+ cuts geometry preparation and meshing time down from weeks and months to hours.    

  • Meshing pipeline: STAR-CCM+ employs a pipeline methodology to ensure that the path from initial geometry to mesh can be easily and robustly automated. Each step in the meshing process may be executed in sequence, or independently, with a common set of user parameters.
  • Surface preparation: STAR-CCM+ gives users choice and flexibility when preparing surfaces for volume meshing. An extensive set of operations are available for surface preparation including: error diagnostics, fine grained manipulation of surface primitives, topological identification, defeaturing, boolean and imprinting operations on triangulated surfaces.
  • Automatic surface wrapping: STAR-CCM+’s revolutionary and unmatched surface wrapping technology has enabled users to reduce their surface preparation times by several orders of magnitude.
  • Volume mesh generation: STAR-CCM+offers a range of volume mesh generation technologies that include polyhedral, trimmed hexahedral for increased accuracy & efficiency, prism layer for capturing the boundary layers accurately. For multi-domain studies such as conjugate heat transfer and FSI, fully conformal meshes can automatically be created. Other specialized meshers include the thin mesher and the generalized cyclindrical mesher.
  • Parallel meshing: STAR-CCM+ has parallel meshing technology allowing full use of compute clusters for meshing thus circumventing issues with serial meshing as they need a single node with a large amount of memory.
  • Mesh morphing: In fluid-structure interaction simulations, components deform and change shape. STAR-CCM+ allows mesh morphing thus allowing motion.

Regardless of the geometry, STAR-CCM+’s streamlined process helps ensure CAD geometry can be easily created, modified, transferred, or imported and prepared for generating high fidelity volume meshes using a varied set of meshing tools taking into account all simulation needs.

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