Effortlessly simulate entire design spaces with automated, templated, workflows
STAR-CCM+ is designed so that each step of the analysis process may be easily automated to help ensuring repeatability of process and consistency of results. Best practices may be easily recorded and replayed, and simulation setups turned into templates files.
  • External aerodynamics analysis on a hellfire missile using Optimate. Optimate was used to automatically run a parametric study of different angle of attacks on the missile aero characteristics.


  • Optimization of electronics cooling fins using Optimate+ : CD-adapco has partnered with Red Cedar Technology to deliver Optimate+, an add-on module for STAR-CCM+ that offers a breakthrough solution for design exploration and optimization with CAE/CFD simulations


  • A wide range of flow regimes can be simulated using STAR-CCM+, including inviscid, laminar, turbulent (RANS, LES, DES), transition modeling. incompressible through to hypersonic. Visualized here are the Mach contours on a Scud missile.

STAR-CCM+ leverages the power of Java to give its users total control over all of the software’s features. This single scripting language allows the user to automate setup, geometry creation and meshing, running and post-processing as well as writing custom user panels and applications.

The Simulation Assistant is also the perfect tool for introducing new or inexperienced engineers to their simulation process as well as capturing and repeating best practices. The tool allows you to follow a tailored step-by-step approach that guides the engineer through each of the stages necessary to obtain high quality results.

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