• Tessellation parameters
    • Tessellation parameters used to properly capture curvature can now be user-defined when:
      • Importing surface mesh
      • Re-tessellating geometry parts
      • Creating new geometry part under 3D-CAD
    • Tessellation parameter options help reduce or avoid pierced faces

  • Export geometry as IGES/STEP
    • One or more geometric bodies may be exported in IGES or STEP format for subsequent geometry processing
    • Options include the ability to save solids as faces and to convert analytical geometry as NURBS data
    • Supported STEP file formats include AP203 or AP214
    • Requires STAR-CCM+/CAD Exchange add-on
  • Multi-pass sewing of geometry during IGES import
    • Leads to improved surface before converting to parasolid by using tighter sewing tolerance (1e-6)
    • Sewing will be performed once before importing into STAR-CCM+ and once after importing into our geometry kernel

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