Fully utilize your resources without moving your data
To acknowledge the distributed nature of the modern project team, STAR-CCM+ has a client server architecture. The server performs the numerical calculation where your data is located while the client on your desktop is used to manage your simulation. .
  • STAR-CCM+’s CAD clients offer the chance to leverage advanced capabilities from within your familiar CAD and PLM environment. Using the Client-Server approach, a user can visualize results and underlying CAD geometry as the solver is executing on the cluster.

  • To reflect the distributed nature of the modern project team, STAR-CCM+ is written using a client-server architecture. The server performs the numerical calculation while the client is used to control and visualize it. Client-server architecture allows for visualizing results as they are generated...

  • STAR-CCM+ interface showing a trim  volume mesh of a Hum-vee : STAR-CCM+ employs a pipeline methodology to ensure that the path from initial geometry to mesh can be easily and robustly automated. This meshing process may be carried out interactively or in batch.

This approach means that when you run your simulation on a high performance compute cluster or a multi-core workstation or a mainframe computer, the STAR-CCM+ client analyzes your data on a lightweight locally accessible system such as your laptop or desktop. One of the primary benefits of this approach is that you do not need to transfer large files across your network from your HPC resource to your desktop.  When your client is connected to your running servers, network traffic is kept to a minimum meaning that simulations may be controlled even when compute facilities are geographically remote, enabling a completely flexible work environment. Members of a team may also work in collaboration connecting multiple clients to a single STAR-CCM+ server.


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