A comprehensive toolkit for reaction modeling
DARS is a simulation tool integrated with STAR-CCM+ for the management and analysis of complex chemical reactions.
  • DARS Complex Chemistry Modeling
  • Presented at the STAR Japanese Conference 2012

The DARS suite consists of the following components:


DARS-BASIC is a standalone tool for 0D-1D analyses of chemical processes in industrial and scientific devices. One of it's main features is the ability to perform mechanism reduction analyses.  


DARS-CFD is an efficient 0-D solver capable of handling gas phase kinetics and surface reactions. It includes many chemical kinetic models tailored for specific conditions and for particular chemical species, and handles both gas phase chemistry, surface chemistry and soot modeling. DARS includes several reactor tools for use with the chemical models. DARS-CFD is fully integrated with both STAR-CD and STAR-CCM+, and it can now be used to run STAR-CCM+ co-simulation analyses.  One important point to note is that there are no additional licensing requirements needed to run DARS-CFD.  


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