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  • New tutorials:
    • Surface Repair Tools: Brake Assembly
    • Adjoint Flow Solver: External Flow over a Dual Element Wing
    • Adjoint Flow Solver: Flow through an S-Bend
  • New cases in the Verification Suite:
    • Non-Newtonian Generalized Carreau-Yasuda Flow in an Axisymmetric Pipe
    • Natural Convection between Two Infinite Vertical Walls
    • Stoke's First Problem: The Suddenly Accelerated Wall
    • T3A Transition
    • Turbulent Flow in a Swirling Diffuser
      • 2 variants
    • Deformation of Analysis of an Elastic Solid Due to Exerted Fluid Pressure
    • Interphase Heat Transfer for Temperature and Enthalpy in a Gas Particle Flow
      • 3 variants
    • Rising Terminal Velocity of Bubbles with Drag Laws
      • 3 variants
    • Bubble Acceleration under Virtual Mass Force
    • Tomiyama Transverse Lift Coefficient with Air Bubbles
    • Bubbly Flow in Water with Variable Density
    • Fluid Acceleration as a Solid Body
    • Second Order Volume Fraction
    • Three Phase Particle Terminal Velocity

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