STAR-CCM+ delivers integrated solutions for solving multidisciplinary problems
Historically, when choosing CAE software, a compromise had to be made between ease-of-use and powerful functionality. Our intuitive tree structure frames a highly integrated set of tools to design, mesh, model and analyze your simulation efforts without compromise.
  • STAR-CCM+ offers a range of state-of-the-art technologies for volume mesh generation including the pioneering polyhedral mesh type as shown here on an innovative unmanned aerial vehicle.

  • STAR-CCM+ can be used to design and gain a better understanding of the operating performance of turbomachinery. Shown here is a polyhedral mesh on a turbo-compressor.

  • STAR-CCM+ has a Discrete Element Modeling capability which allows for the simulation of individual particles such as dirt and mud. DEM is especially suited for design of bulk materials and process equipment such as mining trucks, making sure they operate as efficiently as possible. 

  • STAR-CCM+ was used to carry out an external aerodynamic analysis on a Renault R28 race car in order to improve its performance on the track.

  • A 6 cells module was analyzed in STAR-CCM+. Prismatic wound cells were used and the ohmic heating was solved in the cells connectors. This image shows the temperature distribution on the pack and on the air flow streamlines.

STAR-CCM+ gives you the power to handle your most complex engineering problems in a unique single integrated software environment which is easy to learn, use and remember. The interface is designed to reflect the underlying code structure, providing you with insight on how features are designed to work consistently with each other.  Extensive feedback from our customers drives our interface design forward.  One recent improvement lets you easily recover work following unintended sim file changes.  Another significant change with our current release is a depth selection mode which dramatically reduces the number of clicks you'll need to select hidden or blocked objects in complex scenes.   As a result, STAR-CCM+ is an evolving intuitive and modern analysis environment which guides users effortlessly through setting up, running, and analyzing complex engineering simulations.

"The overall product is easy to learn and use, the manuals and tutorials are thorough, and the GUI is universally liked and can be described as excellent."  Ivar Iversen, Technical Director, Prospect Flow Solutions

STAR-CCM+ significantly increases engineering productivity through a consistent, repeatable and easily automated workflow, allowing professional engineers to spend their time concentrating on actual engineering analysis, rather than geometry preparation, meshing and model setup.
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