Model electromagnetic and flow fields together using STAR-CCM+’s electrodynamic, electrostatic, and magnetic potential solvers.
With its electric and magnetic fields solvers, STAR-CCM+ is the only tool you need for the simulation of a wide range of applications where the interaction between electric, magnetic and flow fields are critical to successful design of electric devices and their cooling.
  • This exploded view of an electric motor shows the surface temperature distribution and polyhedral mesh generated with STAR-CCM+ for a forced air cooling simulation.

  • Marketing images from a motor for SPEED marketing collateral

The electrodynamic potential model can be used to model electric currents and the electrostatic potential model can model electrostatic effects. The magnetic vector potential model is used to model magnetic fields and can be combined with the electrodynamic potential model.

With the release of STAR-CCM+ v9.04, the electrostatic and electrodynamic potential solvers are compatible with multicomponent liquids and gases allowing reactions and electrochemistry to be modeled.

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