Accurately simulate flow, at the micro or macro level, incompressible or compressible and from subsonic to hypersonic speeds.
At the heart of STAR-CCM+ is an impressive suite of models for the simulation of fluid flow phenomena.
  • High angle of attack re-entry simulation of the NASA X-34 with adaptive meshing for off-body shock capture: STAR-CCM+ offers a comprehensive range of efficient solvers for flow regimes from low speed up to hypersonic (whilst the fluid remains a continuum). Image courtesy of TLG Aerospace....

  • Velocity vectors at center-plane of an Apache attack helicopter.


  • Hypersonic separation of a launch vehicle.

  • Airflow around a car showing total pressure coefficient in the cross planes, velocity colored streamlines and the computational mesh in the mid-plane

  • In this simulation of an F18 flying at high angle of attack, the flow around the plane is visualized with streamlines, the pressure is represented over the plane using a grayscale colormap, and the wingtip vortices are shown using an iso-surface of Q Criterion.

STAR-CCM+ has comprehensive options for the simulation of a multitude of different flow regimes, both steady and unsteady in time, from inviscid or laminar flow, through transitional flows to fully turbulent, and both incompressible and compressible flows, from subsonic, through transonic and supersonic, to hypersonic regimes.

There are a number of different equations of state including both ideal and real gases, user defined and polynomial density relationships, and for high speed compressible aerodynamics, equilibrium air, and thermal non-equilibrium. For non-Newtonian flows, STAR-CCM+ allows the user to choose from standard models such as the Generalized Power Law (Herschel-Bulkley law), the Cross model or Carreau-Yasuda model, and for emulsions and suspensions, the Eulerian Multiphase model offers the Krieger-Dougherty and Morris-Boulay models. An extensive materials database is available with standard material properties as well as the ability for users to create and edit their own.

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