Comprehensive solution for modeling fluid-structure interaction
In many applications the influence of fluid flow on the structure, and vice versa is critical to accurately representing the system’s behavior. STAR-CCM+ is at the forefront of making fluid structure interaction a realistic and integral part of modern engineering analysis.
  • Flexible wing : Use of high fidelity computational aeroelasticity is critical to tomorrow's design challenges, driving innovation and resulting in engineering success. STAR-CCM+, with a direct link to Abaqus FEA for co-simulation, seamlessly integrates computational...

  • Dynamic Fluid Body Interaction simulation of a large cargo ship
    STAR-CCM+ Dynamic Fluid Body Interaction; Fluid loads on a rigid structure passed to Abaqus“on-the-fly”
  • DES truck aerodynamics

    DES FSI analysis of a truck using STAR-ABAQUS coupling

STAR-CCM+ provides a range of tools to enable the modeling Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI). Whether you use the unique integrated finite volume stress capability or want to leverage an external computational solid mechanics (CSM) code, STAR-CCM+ has a solution.

For tightly coupled FSI problems, CD-adapco has partnered with Dassault Systemes Simulia to provide co-simulation with Abaqus Unified FEA. For loosely coupled problems,
STAR-CCM+’s industry leading data mappers may be used to perform file based coupling with a broad range of tools.

Where the deformation of the structure becomes large enough to influence the surrounding fluid, STAR-CCM+’s mesh morpher may be used to accurately and robustly deform the computational grid.

To ensure that STAR-CCM+s FSI capabilities are available to the broadest range of application, an open API is available allowing third party tools to link with the code to perform socket- based co-simulation. Whether you have a commercial or in-house code, the co-simulation API allows you to leverage the power of STAR-CCM+. 

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