Conduct accurate and efficient heat transfer analysis across a wide range of industries and applications
The accurate and efficient prediction of heat transfer is a key requirement across a range of industries. STAR-CCM+ is successfully applied for heat transfer analysis by our users every day from applications as diverse as thermal comfort in buildings through to gas turbine cooling.
  • Surface to surface radiation simulation : STAR-CCM+ is an efficient and accurate tool to help identify problems and focus on thermal solutions including adressing conduction, radiation, convection and CHT

  • Thermal cabin modeling of car : cabin comfort can be addressed through virtual prototyping during the design stage of the product development cycle.

  • Surface irradiation and the flow pattern in the main lecture hall at the Hermann-Rietschel-Institut, which was also calculated using Solar Loads Model during a lecture

  • For heat transfer and conjugate heat transfer simulations, STAR-CCM+ offers a wide range of models, including solar, multi-band and specular thermal radiation (discrete ordinates or surface-to-surface) models. Here, STAR-CCM+ was used to compute the temperatures at component level inside a router...

  • Automotive Engine Thermal Management

  • Thermal analysis and management

Conjugate Heat Transfer

The simulation of heat transfer from both solid and fluid within a single simulation can improve accuracy of the results as well as turnaround time. STAR-CCM+’s meshing tools are a key enabler of accurate CHT analysis allowing both fluid and solid to be automatically meshed conformally, removing the need for mapping routines or interface interpolation.

Where the solid structure of interest is thin, STAR-CCM+ has the option to replace the solids with a zero-thickness shell. These solid shells allow for the study of in-plane conduction within the structure without having to mesh the full thickness. This saves time both in the meshing and the solution phases of the simulation.


STAR-CCM+ has a comprehensive set of tools for the modeling of radiative heat transfer from simple surface to surface transfer through to discrete ordinate modeling (DOM) for participating media.

 STAR-CCM+’s surface to surface radiation modeling capabilities cover a wide range of different applications with models for both gray thermal and multi-band radiation. For the simulation of solar radiation, STAR-CCM+ has a dedicated model including a solar loads calculator which automatically calculates solar sources based upon geographical location and time/date. When interacting with solids and boundaries, the radiation model can handle both transparent and partially transparent objects as well as specular reflectivity.


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