Efficiently leverage your entire computing resources
Whatever the system, from a single workstation through to a dedicated compute cluster, STAR-CCM+ is designed to efficiently leverage your compute power at every step of the simulation process from meshing through to post-processing.
  • The STAR-CCM+ overset mesh capability makes moving mesh computations easy as shown here with a NASCAR overtake simulation involving multiple vehicles.

  • STAR-CCM+’s CAD clients offer the chance to leverage advanced capabilities from within your familiar CAD and PLM environment. Using the Client-Server approach, a user can visualize results and underlying CAD geometry as the solver is executing on the cluster.

  • STAR-CCM+ was used to perform the aerodynamic analysis of a Wilson soccer ball in order to better understand its side force effect. The image shows streamlines in the wake behind the soccer ball.

  • This STAR-CCM+ aerodynamic analysis of a Cervelo S5 bike allowed to visualize the pressure on the bike and the rider, as well as the behavior of the airflow in their wake.

  • To reflect the distributed nature of the modern project team, STAR-CCM+ is written using a client-server architecture. The server performs the numerical calculation while the client is used to control and visualize it. Client-server architecture allows for visualizing results as they are generated...

Parallel meshing

Traditional serial techniques for generating volume meshes are not well suited to typical compute clusters as they require a single node with a large amount of memory to generate. To remove this restriction, STAR-CCM+ has parallel meshing technology that allows the full utilization of a clusters compute nodes for meshing. Available for the polyhedral and the trimmed cell mesher, the use of parallel meshing results in a much more efficient use of cluster hardware and a seamless process from mesh through to solving.

Parallel disk I/O

With simulation sizes ever increasing so too are the files associated with them. To ensure that file management does not become a burdensome overhead, STAR-CCM+ can utilize parallel file systems to ensure file read and write times are kept to a minimum. With a speed up of up to 3x over serial disk I/O, STAR-CCM+ supports PanFS, Lustre and GPFS file systems.

Solver speed

The time taken to generate a solution in STAR-CCM+ is of critical importance to our users and accordingly every version of the code undergoes benchmarking on HPC systems. Development teams are constantly working to drive down simulation time through new features and enhancements to the solvers. CD-adapco also lists many hardware vendors amongst its partners and a constant process of optimization goes on to ensure that STAR-CCM+ runs optimally on the most advanced computing systems.

Licensing models

As computer power has increased the cost of hardware has reduced. The STAR-CCM+ approach to licensing enables you to fully utilize your computing resources by breaking the link between software price and processor count. The revolutionary Power-Session license allows STAR-CCM+ to be run on an unlimited number of cores for a fixed cost. Power-On-Demand is your gateway to fully flexible computing with usage counted by the hour and not by the process or core, meaning that extra licensing capacity is available at times of high demand or when cloud computing is chosen. Both of these models help you maximize your ROI by reducing the simulation cost.

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